How to generate Email leads using Twitter?

Here’s an interesting ‘Subscription’ tool that one can now use on Twitter. The below is what Twitter calls a Lead Generation ‘Card’ that enables any Twitter User to collect an Email Database from his/her followers using Twitter for FREE. The Card (as seen in the below screenshot) is connected directly to our Google Spreadsheet that collects & stores all emails collected through this method. The Google Spreadsheet can then be used to Send Email Blasts to Subscribed Users or downloaded & added to your existing database for other uses.
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Could Secret, be used for brand building?

Secret is currently the Hottest Anonymous Social Network that makes it’s users anonymous & hence is a driving craze among youths besides Snapchat.

We at Mindstorm, decided to do a tiny experiment. We wanted to test this platform using a random brand that we chose on Facebook – The Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. The idea was to figure out if Secret could challenge the dinosaur – Facebook when it comes to brand engagement!

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Rise of the Machines in the Social Media Space?

This article was first written in 2012 by Aniketh Dsouza on Social Samosa and reached 200,000 people in less that 24 hours. The purpose of this article was – What most Social Media Executives should know before they join an agency or look for a job change.

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How to track who’s mentioning you via Google Search?

Lately, Google has removed the ability to search for blogs which poses a threat to discovering conversations about your brand. While this has been a subject of chatter on the internet among Marketers, here’s a quick hack to get it back.

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LinkedIn’s Dirty Secret: 324 Blocked Invitations

linkedins dirty secret

Can’t imagine LinkedIn doing this to you, can you?


LinkedIn is an interesting platform which allows you to connect with professionals. But here’s a feature you might have missed all the time & might be quite interested to look into.

When a member sends you a LinkedIn invite, do not assume that you are always going to get it. Or if you want to send someone a LinkedIn request, don’t assume they might have not added you cause they might have not logged in or they do not want to. It’s the dirtiest kept secret by LinkedIn which puts an auto-filter to your invites & the reason behind this could be that they expect you to upgrade to a gold member if you are really serious about connecting on LinkedIn.

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