What you need to know before you apply to Mindstorm?

Here are a few aspects you need to know when you apply to Mindstorm. These factors have been based on our experiences from reviewing over 2500 applicants, potential candidates & employees. We usually receive over 100 applicants every 3 – 5 days as we recruit round the year. We look out for people who are professional, smart working, tech-savvy, good at solving problems, carry a dynamic personality & are adaptable to situations and organizational goals.

Before you apply, please note the following:

  1. We do not respond to candidates who
    1. Are not from Mumbai OR are not based in Western suburbs of Mumbai.
      1. Most employees who join and live far from Malad West quit due to travelling issues. This increases our attrition rate and disrupts our training process. Hence we no longer accept such applications
      2. People who are not from Mumbai will face Mumbai traffic for the first time. This could be overwhelming. The % of candidates who manage to pull this off is just 10%, hence we generally avoid pursuing candidates who fall under this category. Also, many candidates who shift cities expect a higher pay. We hire purely based on the value you add to Mindstorm. If you do not have the skills & expect higher, we usually pass on.
    2. Cannot speak or understand English
    3. Make grammatical errors when they send us their application
    4. Who send us a blank email with the resume attached
    5. Who are not from the Digital field and expect a salary that matches their previous company
    6. Who switch companies every 3 months
    7. Who prefer a 9 – 5 job. We live in a Digital world & you will require managing your work-life balance in this industry
    8. Who cannot manage their work stress or get extremely nervous
    9. Who fall ill very often & cannot stay healthy. This is because you will not be able to handle the style of work assigned to you & blend into our work culture
  2. If you reject an offer, or you do not turn up on your first day, you will be blacklisted from Mindstorm and its partner companies indefinitely. (We value your discipline, integrity & personality over your skillset)
  3. If you do not turn up for the interview and have not shared any reason, you will be blacklisted from Mindstorm and its partner companies indefinitely (We value your discipline, integrity & personality over your skillset)
  4. We do not hire people who are unsure about wanting to get into Digital space
  5. At Mindstorm, we value people who can solve problems by finding solutions before the given deadline

What we need when you apply. *The Necessary Details*

  1. Minimum Salary Expectation: (Without this, there won’t be a next step – If we cannot afford you we generally avoid pursuing further which saves each others time)
  2. Place you stay. We are based out of Malad (West):
  3. If you are applying as a fresher or your last designation:
  4. How soon can you join us if selected?
  5. Reason for joining the Digital industry or behind looking for a change:
  6. Do you possess copywriting skills or have a portfolio:
  7. Your resume

We consider you as a fresher if,

  1. This is your first job
  2. You are changing your industry
  3. You are shifting to the agency side from the client side
  4. You have 3 – 5+ years of experience in traditional advertising but now you want to get into Digital Marketing
  5. You have done a Digital Marketing course to get a headstart on Digital
  6. Exception
    1. If you have an experience in other industries but have a proven record of creative digital skills leveraged at your existing or previous job, you will not be considered as a fresher. Example:
      1. You know how to use Advanced Google Analytics and have practical knowledge of using it for your company
      2. You have set up & managed e-newsletters for your organisation & you have managed analytics to determine its usefulness
      3. You have managed social media & digital advertising on social & marketplaces for your company

Applying for an Internships or a Trainee

  1. Please send the *Necessary Details*. Send us the minimum stipend expected.
  2. Please note our max stipend is 5,000 per month which will be paid post completion
  3. Minimum tenure is 2 months
  4. We do not have trainee positions. Although you might be titled trainee, in accounting terms you be termed as a Fresher.

The Mindstorm Test

  • Every fresher applying for the role of Digital Media or Social Media Executive is subject to an online test.
  • The test assesses your personal behavior, psychology & skills. This is the only step before the final round of interview.
  • An exception to the Mindstorm Test
    • Client Servicing positions & managerial positions generally do not have an online test. Your face to face interview will be based on your business acumen, verbal & written skills, negotiation skills, logical reasoning, ability to convince why you should be paid the salary you expect. Your past experience in client servicing or managerial (if any) will be tested respectively to evaluate if you meet Mindstorm’s standards. Salary will be decided based on the questions you raise & the answers you provide. Having a knowledge of Basic Math, Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Powerpoint is a must, since you will spearhead planning & strategy for your clients assigned at Mindstorm.

How do we assess candidates?

  • We evaluate designers by their portfolio & not by their resume. If you are a designer please send us your portfolio and *Necessary Details* requested above
  • We evaluate candidates based on the value we believe you will add to Mindstorm
  • We value people with a digitally inclined mindset & passion to leverage digital technology for their own needs

How can you increase your chances of getting to the interview?

  1. Apply if you stay in Mumbai Suburbs
  2. Write a cover note about yourself that is not in your resume & send it along with the necessary details
  3. Ensure you are grammatically sound in your note
  4. Format your note clearly – Write to us exclusively. Do not add us in CC or BCC, Paragraph, Punctuation, Grammar, Sentence Structuring, Use of Bullet points to define what you are good at etc. etc.
  5. Be truthful if you are given the test. The test is an evaluation

Who are we looking for?

Regardless of your role/designation at Mindstorm, this short film gives you an idea as to whom we are looking for.


Send your application to careers@mindstorm.in with the *Necessary Details* mentioned above.