Could Secret, be used for brand building?

Secret is currently the Hottest Anonymous Social Network that makes it’s users anonymous & hence is a driving craze among youths besides Snapchat.

We at Mindstorm, decided to do a tiny experiment. We wanted to test this platform using a random brand that we chose on Facebook – The Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. The idea was to figure out if Secret could challenge the dinosaur – Facebook when it comes to brand engagement!

The Facts

Social Media is about people cause they, are the medium. So everything we do, we make certain that people talk about it more that the brand (client) talks about themselves. As always, the former is larger as it indicates ‘Share of Voice’

The Experiment

First we chose a topic – Four Seasons Spa in Mumbai (considering we had a pic of the spa),


Then we uploaded one of ours on Secret. (Click on any image & view the gallery)
As secret is anonymous we realized that our conversations need to be tactically ‘personal’. It’s about getting people think we are sharing a secret, even if it is not. (Yes they could be secrets at Hotels – In which case, they make it genuine to be shared). If you notice the number of interactions, the Facebook update performed poorer in terms of engagement compared to our on Secret!


The Facebook Update received 13 likes & 3 shares while the Secret Updates received 22 Likes (which are currently equal to shares according to them) & 22 comments!


Yes, we do understand, that the imagery used in both places is different (The Hotel is not our client). But then, we’d want to argue. If you are sharing something on a Social Network, isn’t it because you want a large number of people to actually view & interact with it? At Mindstorm, we have a simpler rule – Do everything that amplifies impact, kill everything that doesn’t. In the end, focus on setting new standards.

Is it worth being present on another platform – Secret?

It purely depends on what you are trying to accomplish & the way you share content. At Mindstorm, we integrate with brands & work as a single unit to reach out by any means necessary to the end consumer. As an agency, we love seeding in new platforms to notify people that our clients are first movers.

How can a brand use Secret?

Well, firstly you can’t measure the impact with insight tools, but you could use this platform like Snapchat & share secret coupon codes that unlock specials on your website/store/property.  This will help you measure impact during coupon redemption.
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