How to generate Email leads using Twitter?

Here’s an interesting ‘Subscription’ tool that one can now use on Twitter. The below is what Twitter calls a Lead Generation ‘Card’ that enables any Twitter User to collect an Email Database from his/her followers using Twitter for FREE. The Card (as seen in the below screenshot) is connected directly to our Google Spreadsheet that collects & stores all emails collected through this method. The Google Spreadsheet can then be used to Send Email Blasts to Subscribed Users or downloaded & added to your existing database for other uses.

When a person clicks on Subscribe ‘button’ above (as seen in the above screenshot), the user need not type his/her email, but instead Twitter will automatically send the login email address stored in their account to yours.
How can brands use the above tool?
  1. Creating an Email Subscription List
  2. Create multiple twitter Lead Generations cards for email lists serving different purposes (F&B List, Hotel Promotions List, Coupon List, Contest Participants list etc.)
  3. Collecting Emails to subscribe for a Coupon on Products
  4. Run a Twitter Ad using the above to collect email with just a click from targeted users

Login to your Twitter Account & check out this live —–> link!

To set up your own Lead Generation Card, Contact Us 🙂