Marketers from time to time have come up with strategies and campaigns that have taken not only their industry but the whole world by amazement. The very nature of marketing whether it is on-ground or digital is that they need to be continuously evaluated and innovated so that the brand can resonate with the current trends and the fresh ideologies of the existing and potential target market. It’s just like this: you don’t need to purchase a brand new car every time, just maintain it well on a consistent, frequent and regular basis.

Your Stories Just Got A Tune as INDIA Just Got Instagram Music

What is Instagram Music?

A feature launched by Facebook-owned Instagram known as “Instagram Music” is gaining tons of attention from millennials across the nation. Also, why won’t it? It’s a feature which was launched in June 2018 in the West which we have now got after more than a year. We did get it late, but is it worth the wait? Let’s find out!

Source of image: MyGoodTimes

Is Instagram gaining an edge over Tik Tok?

If nothing, we’ve always got something constant for life – replication.

There is no denying the fact that whenever a new tool, a new app, a new feature or a new trend goes viral, other platforms will try their level best to duplicate it in order to fend off competition and gain an edge over competitors.