Instagram Face Filter Tab : The next level of audience engagement

Let’s get you all caught up with the hush-hush new feature nobody’s talking about yet.

You’ve uploaded a selfie every day this month, you’ve posted memes on your handle all week, used all the filters under the sun on your vlogs, but a nagging voice in your head keeps saying, “Boy, I sure wish more brands had a Face Filter Tab, they’re so fun!”

That’s an oddly specific thing for your brain to think about.
That being said, we agree wholeheartedly!

10 Brands That Put Up The Best Republic Day Posts On Their Social Media

With every brand enhancing its social media presence, it has become essential for them to put up the best post on their pages. While this competition is constant throughout the year, it rises to a great level during special days, events and festivals.

So, what determines a good or great creative post? Is it how it looks? Does the copy make the magic, or is it how well the audience reacts to the post? Well, there are various criteria that contribute to a striking creative. To elaborate the statement, we’ve listed below some of the best creative posts designed by brands for Indian Republic Day.

Top 10 women’s day campaigns.

Special days call for extra efforts when you’re a big name on social media. With women empowerment being a burning topic, every brand aims to present the best campaign/creative.

Enlisted below are some women’s day campaigns that made the as the best among the many-

How Digital Marketing Can Help Undergraduates to Earn While Learning?

Nowadays, lots of undergraduates wish to earn while learning. There’re countless reasons for this. Sometimes the student needs money to pay for education. Others require cash to support family. And often students need money to buy fancy stuff for themselves such as a motorbike or expensive mobile phone.

Actually, there’re many avenues to earn money when you’re an undergraduate and learning. You can take part-time jobs or do own business.

Is The Content Produced By You Effective Enough? Take The ROI Test!

The entire process of building a brand, marketing it on social media and helping it grow involves a great investment of finances, resources and time. What happens when your content doesn’t incur the desired results? Alarming, isn’t it? While there are several factors that contribute to achieving the desired ROI (Return on investment), the base is the content that you market. Content here is a lot more than merely words written beneath the social media posts that are posted on the pages. Whatever you communicate as a brand and the way it is portrayed in front of the target audience, is content.

Content Marketing is an extremely effective and cost-effective marketing strategy which involves creating and pushing the content such that it reaches the right audience and drives the desired result. This desired result is referred to as ROI, i.e. the revenue you gain from content marketing as compared to what you spend on it. 

Knowing the ROI percentage helps you track the effectiveness of your content as well as helps you create and invest better for ideal results. Now that you know the importance of ROI, here are the 4 steps that you must abide by to measure the ROI of the content marketed by you-


How to Measure Customer Engagement: 5 Most Important Metrics

In today’s socially driven economy, customer engagement can be considered as the biggest indicator of your brand’s success. Brands these days are taking enormous steps to delight their customers. People appreciate and notice the companies that care for their customers and that contributes to the overall profitability for your brand as they become regular customers or share your product with their friends and relatives. If your brand isn’t getting customer engagement, then it’s a sign that you need to come up with new social media strategies.


The following are the most famous metrics to consider which can help you understand customer engagement on your brand page – 

Top 5 Social Media Trends 2019

One of the biggest disappointments of 2019 was the epic GOT letdown. Though the season finale was heavily critiqued; GOT became a huge social media trend with multiple brands propelling it forward. The GOT trend was one of the trends that was blown out of proportion simply by the momentum it received and the creativity adaptation brands.