Social Media Marketing

Social Media Executive/ Digital Brand Executive

This role includes 75% ORM & 25% Social Media Operations. The ORM weightage is subject to change. However, it would not be above 75%.

ORM Includes:

  • Management of responses on social media platforms on behalf of brands by following the FAQ’s designed.
  • The platforms where responses are managed are but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Telegram , Facebook Messenger &  or Website Live Chat Support

Social Media Operations include:

  • Posting & scheduling of content on social media & blogs
  • Managing the Influencer Marketing campaigns
  • Creating Reports for brands (both social media & advertising)
  • Ideation for social media content
  • Client co-ordination

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Account Manager /
Social Media Manager

This role in short means you are a Digital Brand Manager & a custodian of the brand online.

  • Day-to-Day client interactions
  • Understanding the brand deliverables and working along side design & content team for social media content creation
  • Working with performance marketing team to ensure brand KPIs are met
  • Understand brand communication & design and creating content, marketing plans & strategies to build the brands digitally
  • Execution of all kind of reports for the brands
  • Execution of ORM where queries are not more than 100 per day and Managing & Auditing of ORM with the team, where comments queries are more than 100 per day
  • Posting & Scheduling of social media content and blogs
  • Creating influencer marketing plans along with finding relevant influencers and executing the campaigns
  • Ideating to create content which is drool worthy
  • Writing blogs and social media content as and when required basis crisis or any immediate need
  • Working on new brand pitches
  • Working alongside other account managers to plan and complete all brand work at Mindstorm across brands
  • Assisting the directors by managing the brands and sharing updates on brand progress & if any road blocks

If the button isn’t working for you, kindly drop an email to the HR via [email protected]