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Wikipedia Page Creation

We design and develop world-class websites and applications.

Why a Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia pages in 2021, serve as an honour for any business qualifying for the same. Wikipedia is the 7th most visited online publication in the world.

Our Process

How do we get started?

The process is quite straightforward.

You will submit a form with required details
These details will be shared with Wikipedia Editors to seek their approval
If NOT approved, we drop the project.
If approved, we inform you and you release the 50% advance fee
We then begin writing the article as per Wiki guidelines
Generally, the timeline is 2 – 3 weeks per page but there can be exceptions
Once the page is created we submit it for approval and it’s taken live.

Wikipedia Page Creation Pricing

Our charges for Wikipedia Page Creation range between $400 – $700 (INR 30,000 - 60,000) depending on the volume of content & complexity.