Parachute Advansed: Conquering New Markets Case Study


Marico wanted to build it’s brand Parachute Advansed in Tanzania and reached out to Mindstorm for figuring out how to maintain central control in India but market the brand via Digital platforms in international markets.

The Solution

Mindstorm proposed Social Media Marketing for the brand Parachute Advansed to test out different communication messages based on preliminary research done by Nielsons Research Team. We tested these messages by creating content buckets on social media and communicated to the audience. The top performing content buckets were converted to ads.

The Challenge

Overtime, with a steady increase in community size, the Tanzanian users responded to us in Ki Swahili and we responded back in English. The brand started facing flak from the Tanzanian users who wanted us to communicate with them in Ki Swahili.

The Solution

In a space where translation is charged per word, we developed a custom model for Marico. Mindstorm on-boarded a translation agency to take care of translation needs worldwide on a monthly retainer. We understood that the biggest issue in translation was not about getting copy translated but was to maintain the flavour of the language to resonate the brands communication. We then set up processes to manage creation of content buckets, approve them from the client, sent it to translation agency thus getting the creative and the messaging fixed on creatives and copy. With content creation set, Mindstorm set its next focus on managing responses. We built a list of FAQ’s and got them translated so we could respond to users in Ki Swahili. With our translation team on board, we setup a 48 hour response timeline for the brand. After the current social media management in place, we decided to take the next step of increasing engagement. A contest held on the brand page in Ki Swahili garnered over 250+ participants. This cemented our social media management model for the brand.

The Results

Mindstorm was successful in deploying a cross-border content marketing channel via social media platforms managed from India thus empowering Indian brands to manage globally in the country’s native languages but keeping and maintaining central control of design and copy guidelines.

Mindstorm now handles Parachute Advansed not only in Tanzania but also in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine & Kazakhstan . Mindstorm has overtime additionally created an influencer network globally to empower the brand in leveraging ‘people power’, globally.

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