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Leverage over 1000+ custom target audiences to drive your business objectives

Mindstorm is one of the best digital advertising agencies to generate leads and increase revenue.

With 6 years of advertising exposure across 9 countries, we have managed to retain and build our client's businesses for over 3+ years.

We specialize in Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising & Performance Marketing

STEP 1: Define your Objective

Pick a Brand Objective

As a owner, marketing manager or brand custodian, we will require your assistance to create a weightage out of 100% based on your brand objectives.

Increase Reach & Visibility
You are trying to reach maximum number of people with your message
Increase Brand Exposure
You want to ensure a single user sees your ad atleast 5 times in one week.
Conduct a Brand Lift Study
You want to know how many users you targeted remember the ad after 2 days.
Build a Community
You want to increase your fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
Increase Brand Engagement
You want to increase engagement with fans or understand if content resonates.
Increase Website Traffic
You want to drive relevant people to your website at lower cost.
Lead Generation
You want to build a contact database for your offline team.
Increase Sales
You want to increase online sales through your website or e-commerce marketplaces
Controlled A/B Testing
You want to test messaging to a controlled group of audience and evaluate messaging
STEP 2: Define your Monthly Budget

Pick an Advertising Budget to request a plan

The digital ad inventory is unlimited. You have to define a monthly budget you intend to spend.
Minimum Budget recommended is 100,000/month. Our management cost is fixed for clients below a 300,000/month budget

Less than

< 3 lakh

Cross Platform Ads
Limited Ad Platforms
Fixed Agency Fee
Monthly Reports
Less than

< 10 lakh

Cross Platform Ads
Variable Ad Platforms
Agency Commission %
Weekly Reports
Greater than

> 10 lakh

Cross Platform Ads
Variable Ad Platforms
Agency Commission %
Daily & Monthly Reports
STEP 3: Select Ad Platforms

Let us help you Identify the right digital ad platforms

Social Media Advertising
Self-serve platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Niche Social Media Platforms
They include Social Media Platforms such as TripAdvisor, Tinder, Zomato etc.
Search Engine Marketing
Includes PPC & SEM Advertising to tap into users searching for a product or solution you offer
Display Banner Advertising
Run Ads using Ad Networks such as Google on 1 Million+ websites to build brand awareness
Video Advertising
Run ads on Youtube or other publisher platforms that retail video inventory
M-Canvas Advertising
Run Interactive advertising by creating engaging ads that compel user interaction.
Mobile Advertising
Target large base of Mobile Apps and Mobile Platforms using the InMobi Ad Network
Programmatic Advertising
Buy digital media on a RTB model with daily monitoring of campaigns
DSP Advertising
Buy audiences via DMPs to show your ad to targeted audience. Eg. Credit Card Users
Publisher Advertising
Buy premium spots on Youtube for 1.9 Cr for 1 day or place ads on TOI, Moneycontrol etc.
In-Email Advertising
Few Publishers who send mails offer in-email advertising for promoting your app or website.
Native Advertising
Imagine Digital advertorials. With Native ads you advertise articles across websites.
Audio Advertising
Advertise on Spotify with a audio jingle and target you campaigns based on interests.
Paid Article Placements
Feature your articles on Forbes, TOI, Hindustan Times, iDiva, Mensxp, Economic Times.
In-Game Advertising
Place your ads into gaming platforms such as Freefire, Agent Dash, Candy Crush etc.

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