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What is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy establishes the overall direction that a business will follow leveraging digital platforms

What it includes

We go deep in understanding your business.

Leveraging digital marketing by doing it right is crucial to your brand. Mindstorm is the best digital marketing consultant in Mumbai, India, which helps to generate more revenues. Our top digital marketing consultant services include SEO, PPC Ads, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and many more.

Understanding your business
We try and understand your business along with it's digital marketing potential.
Digital Competitor Analysis
We identify and analyse what your competitor is doing online.
Competitor Positioning
We map out a digital positioning matrix that gives an understanding where they stand
Defining Target Audiences
Evaluate & Identify target potential users and create multiple buckets for targeting
Defining Digital Objectives
We specify quantifiable targets that can be achieved with our plan
Defining Positioning
Based on objectives & understanding of TG, we define how people should remember us.
Defining Communication
We help you define the personality of your brand
Content Buckets & Tonality
Here we define what we will speak off. How we will speak and communicate.
Defining Digital Strategy
A central plan for digital marketing is put in place
Setup Digital Infrastructure
This forms the foundation with which all digital marketing activities are built on.
Amplification Strategy
A central plan for advertising is presented considering the budget available.
Engagement Strategy
A representation of how your brand will engage with users is defined.
Identifying Opportunities
We help you explore digital innovations available for your business.
Defining KPI & Metrics
We help & setup an understanding of key performance indicators in digital space
Commercial Structuring
Get an understanding of the commercials phase wise & map it to your objectives.
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