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What is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy establishes the overall direction that a business will follow leveraging digital platforms

What it includes

We go deep in understanding your business.

Leveraging digital marketing by doing it right is crucial to your brand.

Understanding your business
We try and understand your business along with it's digital marketing potential.
Digital Competitor Analysis
We identify and analyse what your competitor is doing online.
Competitor Positioning
We map out a digital positioning matrix that gives an understanding where they stand
Defining Target Audiences
Evaluate & Identify target potential users and create multiple buckets for targeting
Defining Digital Objectives
We specify quantifiable targets that can be achieved with our plan
Defining Positioning
Based on objectives & understanding of TG, we define how people should remember us.
Defining Communication
We help you define the personality of your brand
Content Buckets & Tonality
Here we define what we will speak off. How we will speak and communicate.
Defining Digital Strategy
A central plan for digital marketing is put in place
Setup Digital Infrastructure
This forms the foundation with which all digital marketing activities are built on.
Amplification Strategy
A central plan for advertising is presented considering the budget available.
Engagement Strategy
A representation of how your brand will engage with users is defined.
Identifying Opportunities
We help you explore digital innovations available for your business.
Defining KPI & Metrics
We help & setup an understanding of key performance indicators in digital space
Commercial Structuring
Get an understanding of the commercials phase wise & map it to your objectives.
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Looking for Digital Marketing Consultant

Mindstorm as your digital marketing consulting agency will bring together insights and technology to help you build a long-term relationship with your customer.

What does a digital marketing consultant do? 

A digital marketing consultant understands your business and its priorities and helps you achieve your business goals with the help of the digital marketing creative team.

How to find a marketing consultant depends upon the kind of plan you have in mind for your brand and the purpose. There are various types of digital marketing consultants in Mumbai. But if you are at any other place in the world, you are still lucky. We are one of the top digital strategy consulting firms and thankfully, our expertise goes that far. 

You can choose from our plethora of digital marketing consulting services:
  • Full Stack Digital Marketing Consultant

This is not a buzzword, as most people think. Coined from the phrase full-stack developers, full-stack digital marketers are those who have various levels of expertise or the type of skills, mindset and approaches that they are capable of. Digital marketing keeps evolving. You must consider full-stack marketing if you are someone who wants to succeed in the modern digital world.

  • Independent Marketing Consultants

Independent digital marketing consultants work full-time or part-time. They specialize in or cater towards a specific niche. They provide crucial advice and services that will help your interests. You must approach them when you have projects that need to be handled independently or when no collaboration is required.

  • Marketing Analytics Consulting

Making data the core of your business not only requires technology but advanced automation platforms. But extracting data is one thing and interpreting it is another. Marketing analytics consultants create a relationship between your data and your business. If your marketing plan involves creating or leveraging vast amounts of data, you must hire a digital marketing consultant who is mainly into analytics.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consultants

With the help of digital marketing and analytics tools the digital marketing strategy consultant creates, implements and tracks the success of the strategy and keeps on improvising your campaigns as per the data. You must hire an internet marketing strategy consultant at the early stages of your digital marketing journey or if you have faced a road-block in your current plan. 

Our services cover all these traits and can take your marketing to the next level.