Top 10 Eid al-Fit Campaigns Cover

Top 10 Eid al-Fitr Campaigns by brands

Have a look at some of the heartwarming campaigns by brands on the occasion of Eid

Eid is an occasion also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. It is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan. It is synonymous with family & the joy of togetherness, not to mention the yearly Salman Khan starrer.

Take a look at some of the notable campaigns done by brands for 2019.

Top World Sleep Day Cover

Top World Sleep Day Campaigns by Brands

Witness some of the best World Sleep Day Campaigns by some famous brands.

Below are few brand campaigns for world sleep day which went viral on social media. They were carried out by some famous brands like Godrej, Kurl-on, Duroflex and many more, here are few of them.

Mother’s Day campaigns Cover

Top 10 Mother’s Day Campaigns by brands

When brands showered their love for mothers around the world

Mothers day gives brands an opportunity to rekindle the bond we share with the most special ladies in our lives. No matter how old one gets, they continue to remain the apple of the eyes of their mom’s & these 10 brands managed to showcase just that with their endearing and heartwarming campaigns. Have a look!

10 World Beverage Day campaigns by brands Cover for blog


A cool experience, sometimes hot & occasionally fizzy. See how brands worked as a digital marketing agency.

National Beverage Day is observed annually on May 6. This is a day to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite beverage. It may be hot, cold, blended, shaken, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, sweet, sour, smooth, dry, freshly squeezed, frozen or any other type. A Digital marketing agency should work this way.

1. Costa Coffee India

National Beverage Day 2019 post by Costa Coffee India

On the occasion of World Beverage Day, Costa Coffee India, put up a post which shows how much they care about the quality of their coffee and how each coffee bean is prepared. Costa Coffee is slowly roasted and lovingly blended, bringing out our signature flavor to make every cup the best you’ve ever had.

2. MugItUp

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 by MugItUp

MugItUp described tea as the next best thing to water. As we all would know, different varieties of tea are widely consumed all around the world daily. This brand easily used tea as their post on world beverage day to promote themselves. They also stated a fact where they said “tea is the only common beverage that can be served hot, cold or iced anywhere and anytime at every occasion

3. Marriott Hyderabad

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 Marriott Hyderabad

Marriott Hyderabad came up with a fun campaign on World Beverage Day where they asked their customers ‘what their  favourite beverage was?’. Their idea was very interesting where they made their campaign as an interesting session with their customers. They even got insights what type of beverage is preferred by customer

4. 70 Beans

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 Marriott Hyderabad

70 Beans is one of the famous brands which serves some amazing and unique beverages. This brand put up a post on the different variety of beverages a customer could try. They also mentioned different types of beverages a person would enjoy in different seasons – summer , winter etc.

5. OliveDelhi

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 OliveDelhi

Olive Garden expressed the love of their customers for a sip of their Summer coolers and Sangrias perfectly through this simple creative. They made their campaign as per the season in the month of May, since Summer is the best season for Coolers and Sangrias.

6. The Patio’s Kitchen

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 The Patio’s Kitchen

The Patio kitchen put up a post of some of their best and most popular shakes. They looked deliciously tantalizing and definitely made the viewers crave some, we think we can safely call that a successful campaign.

7. Grand Hyatt Goa

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 Grand Hyatt Goa

Grand Hyatt Goa celebrated World Beverage Day by putting up a post of the lusciousness of mangoes at #TheGrandMangoMania. They also invited their customers to try the ‘Mangoosa’ from their wide range of specially made cocktails at Capiz Bar, Pool Bar and Grill.

8. Prost Brew Pub

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 Prost Brew Pub

Prost brew pub of Hyderabad put up a post of three different types of beer with a funny caption “After a night of too many beers, all you need is water, the next day! #HappyBeverageDay”. Good one, guys!

9. Fun Bytes

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 Fun Bytes

Fun Bytes put up a post where they showcased their famous Strawberry Milkshake. They told their customer to sit back and relax and have a strawberry shake. A deliciously simple point to say the least.

10. Pine Lounge

Post on the occasion of National Beverage Day 2019 Pine Lounge

On the occasion of World Beverage Day, Pine Lounge put an offer of 2+1 on drinks for all their customers. These included all beverages alcoholic as well as non alcoholic. Drinks are on the house, everybody!


According to us these were the top 10 World Beverage Day campaigns. These digital campaigns were unique as well as had a positive effect on all of their customers.
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Labor Day Creatives Banner

Top Labor Day Creatives by Brands

A sneak peak into some of the stellar campaigns by brands on Labour Day

Labour Day is celebrated every year as a tribute to the workforce and their tremendous efforts in building the economy. With social media on the boom, Brands and Companies engage with their employees and attract new customers with their posts, offers and campaigns.

We have curated some of the best Labour Day posts, if you are looking to do something similar to boost your brand.

WHD Cover


A glimpse of digital campaigns that grabbed the attention of the audience in 2019 like a digital marketing agency.

World Health Day is a global health awareness campaign devised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 7th of April annually. Here are a few interesting digital campaigns by brands that made a mark in the digital space last year (2019). See how they did it like a digital marketing agency.
Cover Pic

Top 10 Earth Day Campaigns By Brands

See what brands did to show the world Mother Earth matters most.

Greta Thunberg is synonymous with climate change, she gave many around the world a reason to think about the melting ice caps. The earth is big however, very big, sprawled with innumerable flora & fauna each surviving and thriving in their environments. Earth Day is our chance to not just care about the climate, but all life who share this planet with us. Here are some of the most notable initiatives by brand to spread awareness on Earth Day in 2019.

AFD 2019

Top 10 April Fools Day Digital Campaigns by Brands

Have a look at some hilarious creatives brands conceptualized for April Fools Day

We seem to eagerly anticipate April Fools Day just to see the plethora of pranks people post on social media. Rightfully so, they’re fresh, they’re fun & when brands do it; can be pretty hilarious too. We’ve compiled a list of 10 such creatives by Brands, have a look!

WWLD 2019

Top 10 World Wildlife Day Campaigns by Brands

See what brands did for those who can’t  speak for themselves

Every International Day is an opportunity for brands to connect with their global audience with the aid of a shrewd or quirky social post. The challenge is to resonate your brand with the given occasion in a seamless fashion.

Here are some top brands which have successfully blended themselves into the World Wildlife Day with their wild & creative imagination: