Top 5 Marketing Campaigns in Food Supplement Category

Have a look at some of the standout campaigns that’ll leave you hungry for more

Nothing replaces a good diet, we know that already.
Then again, where do we go to supplement the nutrient needs that our diet can’t provide? food supplements, naturally!
There’s a whole lot of them to choose from in the market these days. Let’s take a look at some of the stellar marketing campaigns conducted by a few of these food supplement brands.

Top 20 Tiktok Influencers in India

Are you a Bollywood fan? Looking for some fun, drama, and comedy, then Tik-Tok is the perfect Bollywood dose you could ask for. People present on TikTok create and share short video clips that are lip-synced and are full of performance, burlesque, and talent. TikTok’s users upload more than 13 million videos daily. Here are few top 20 Tiktok Influencers in India

Top Valentine’s Day Campaigns That Won Our Hearts

Brands that attempted special campaigns to express love

A special event that lets all brands play with creativity is Valentine’s Day. Quirky, cheezy, romantic, empowering or encouraging, the brands have a variety of routes to connect with their audiences.

Enlisted below are top Valentine’s Day campaigns, that stole all hearts-

Instagram Face Filter Tab : The next level of audience engagement

Let’s get you all caught up with the hush-hush new feature nobody’s talking about yet.

You’ve uploaded a selfie every day this month, you’ve posted memes on your handle all week, used all the filters under the sun on your vlogs, but a nagging voice in your head keeps saying, “Boy, I sure wish more brands had a Face Filter Tab, they’re so fun!”

That’s an oddly specific thing for your brain to think about.
That being said, we agree wholeheartedly!

10 Brands That Put Up The Best Republic Day Posts On Their Social Media

With every brand enhancing its social media presence, it has become essential for them to put up the best post on their pages. While this competition is constant throughout the year, it rises to a great level during special days, events and festivals.

So, what determines a good or great creative post? Is it how it looks? Does the copy make the magic, or is it how well the audience reacts to the post? Well, there are various criteria that contribute to a striking creative. To elaborate the statement, we’ve listed below some of the best creative posts designed by brands for Indian Republic Day.

Top 10 women’s day campaigns.

Special days call for extra efforts when you’re a big name on social media. With women empowerment being a burning topic, every brand aims to present the best campaign/creative.

Enlisted below are some women’s day campaigns that made the as the best among the many-