Break the clutter and stand out

Twitter Trending Services

Over 400+ Influencers have got your back, let's create a trend.

What if you can reach 4.5 million users in just one hour to launch a product, change perceptions or build massive visibility??

Yes, Twitter trending is a solution we offer to help you leverage chaos in a digitally cluttered environment.

Trend Nationally in Top 10
We offer National trends in the Top 10 spaces. A fixed position cannot be determined in advance.
What we trend?
We trend Hashtags & Keywords in English. Trending keyword is confirmed on the day of trend.
2-Hour Notice
We can get your brand trending in short notice too as we regularly manage political trending campaigns.
Who is employed?
We hire influencers with a minimum 4000+ follower base + verified users to back your trending attempt.
What is our trending KPI?
Our objective is to have you trending on Top 10 National for the duration you have chosen.
How big is the base of influencers?
We have only 400+ Twitter influencers all over India in our team to back your brand or message.
Trend in Multiple Languages?
We offer a commitment on English language trending only.
How many tweets can you expect?
Approximately over 1000 - 2000 tweets.
How fast can we trend?
Trending time ranges based on competition on a given day and can range from 15 mins to 40 mins.
Trend Duration
We offer trending services from 1 hour to 6 hours. If the trend continues, the bonus time is on you.
Money-back guarantee
Incase we do not trend on a given day, you get the right to claim the money back which is paid in advance.
Agency Fee applies
We charge a fixed fee for 1 hour. Additional hours are charged at INR 10,000 per hour.

How does pricing work?

With over 400+ influencers as your army to back you to trend your brand or your objective, pricing is fixed on an hourly basis.

Charge is 'per-hour' national trend, with money-back guarantee on the advance if we do not trend
The cost for the 1st hour is fixed. Additional hours are charged 10,000 each.
Payment mode is 50:50
Hindi trends have a 50% retention fee, incase of failure
Open to trend in Hinglish as an alternative