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With a 328 million user base of monthly active operators (& growing), Twitter is one of the most conversant social media platforms. It is everyone’s go-to-news ticker and a place that is spouting out the most acquainted news and information worldwide.

As per emarketer, 63% of social media marketers identify Twitter as the platform that yielded the highest ROI.

What you need to know about Mindstorm’s Twitter Trending Services

  1. We target to trend nationally & we currently offer this service for the Indian market.
  2. Trending hashtag or keyword/phrase varies based ‘on-the-day’ the trend is to be activated. Our team will confirm if a given keyword or a hashtag can be trended.
  3. We can activate a trend within a 2-hour notice.
  4. We are connected to over 200+ influencers who will help you drive a Twitter Trend. At times this number increases to 600 when required.
  5. Twitter influencers will have a follower base of minimum 7000. We additionally have verified users on our end who will support the team when required.
  6. Our goal and target is to feature your keyword or hashtag among the Top 10 National trends. Our team will tweet enough to make sure this happens.
  7. On days of lower competition, we can trend with 400+ tweets and at times we would require over 2000+ tweets to hit the national trend list. This depends on other trends active on the day. We do not charge if we do not trend.
  8. It generally takes 25 mins to 1.5 hours to trend a hashtag or keyword nationally and varies based on competition.
  9. Our charges apply from the time your keyword starts trending on Top 10 nationally. So if we are doing a 1 hour trend, charge time begins once we are online.
  10. We will additionally have verified users from our end who will support the trend.
  11. Any verified users on your end will add value once the keyword has started trending. However, this is optional.
  12. Trending with Hindi keywords is difficult & cannot be guaranteed.

Pricing for Twitter Trending Services

  1. We charge per national trend, with money-back guarantee on the advance if we do not trend
  2. The cost for one hour national trend is fixed. Additional hours are charged at 13% of the 1-hour trend.
  3. Client has to pay 50% in advance and 50% post the trend.
  4. We charge a 50% cost upfront to trend Hindi keywords or hashtags to attempt one. If successful, the full amount would have to be paid after the trend. If not successful, we will retain the 50%.

What do we need to get started with Twitter Trending?

  1. Confirmation on the hashtag or keyword from the client and the influencers taking part.
  2. 50% Advance
  3. Minimum of 10 sample tweets in English
  4. Tweets in Hindi are optional

What serves as proof of Twitter Trending?

Screenshots of national trend are shared during the time of trend by Mindstorm team

Clients Mindstorm has worked with to trend nationally on Twitter

Mindstorm have backed over 300+ national trends in the past 6 years. Some of our well known clients who leveraged national trends to drive awareness include:

  1. Bath & Body Works
  2. Vijay Sales
  3. Vaya Life
  4. Tourism Authority of Thailand
  5. Artline by Shachihata, Japan
  6. Inglot Cosmetics
  7. New Balance
  8. Sin Denim

Mindstorm works closely with politicians and empowers them to activate national trends on a 2-hour notice.

Connect with Mindstorm on 9619896439 to dominate Twitter nationally.

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