Social Media Marketing Services to Turbo Boost Engagement & Website Traffic

Mindstorm is a Hybrid Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai with a vision to empower brands with real-time, personified creative communications.

What makes Mindstorm a Hybrid Social Media Marketing Agency?

  1. You will find us tech-savvier than most agencies:
    Digital is in our DNA. Our team is made of enthusiasts with dual set of skills. Copy + Digital, Design + Digital, Client Servicing + Digital. The Digital role obligates each team member to stay a step ahead of this constantly changing industry. We adapt, improvise, innovate on new products or services that enter into the market. We pride in our constantly evolving processes format. We move fast – use, exploit, move on approach to marketing.
  2. We offer integrated services:
    We generally don’t do one-off projects or take short cuts. We remove silos that exist among SEO, Content Marketing, PR, and Social Media in order to deliver the whole package to our clients (Not referring to media campaigns). We develop long-term strategic plans to overhaul our clients’ marketing departments and ensure that they are seeing results where it matters: leads, revenue, and cost savings. We think like the end user and don’t get caught up in the minutia of social shares or links, because at the end of they day we understand revenue-changing conversions are the only movements that matter.
  3. Our team has versatile talents:
    As a Hybrid Social Media Marketing Agency, our employees & vendors are our No. 1 assets, and we make sure to build an expert team together that can deliver integrated campaigns. If we feel we do not have the capacity to offer a certain type of service, we generally partner with relevant agencies that can deliver what we’ve planned for our clients. We believe in integrated service to the core and do not stop delivering just because we have a lack of resources. Some of these specialized services may include:

    1. Translation Services for Social Media Marketing – Content & ORM
    2. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Campaigns
    3. College Ambassador Programmes
    4. Influencer Marketing (if our clients seek more than 3000 influencers for their campaigns)
    5. Website Design Illustrations
  4. We are committed to our clients
    Just as we are committed to our employees, hybrid social media agencies like us are fiercely committed to our clients. We understand that loyal clients lead to higher retention rates, greater profit margins, more predictable cash flow, and stronger referrals. Some of the clients we’ve had a healthy long term relation include Vijay Sales (over 8 years), Tourism Authority of Thailand, Bath & Body Works etc. Hence, we do everything in our power to ensure we gain our clients’ trust & confidence. We are in the business of long-term relationships with clients and truly affecting change… not just making the monies via a revolving door of in-and-out clients
  5. We live and breathe an entrepreneurial culture
    We’ve created a culture that fails fast through our processes because we understand someone or something will eventually disrupt their agency… might as well be us. We also know fear of failure trickles down to employees and into client campaigns, so we make it safe for employees to be innovative. We constantly strive to build an environment that cultivates our No. 1 asset by giving our ‘visionary’ employees the freedom to make decisions and take ownership of projects.
  6. We are digital & social media strategists, not freelancers
    A Hybrid Social Media agency like ours generally never ends up working with clients with extremely low budget looking for quick win schemes such as buying fans, followers, running a low budget (less than 50,000) ad campaign for 30 days, etc. We pride ourselves as digital marketing strategists. Even when under pressure, we stay true to being consultants, and steer our client in the right direction with finesse. We’ve generally won our client’s confidence & trust as a result of this approach.

Social Media Marketing – Pricing & Deliverables

We usually sign up on monthly retainers with an average duration of 9 to 12 months. Our monthly retainers for Social Media Marketing services alone can range anywhere between INR 75,000 – INR 5,00,000 per month or $1200 – $8000 per month. If your budget for a Social Media Agency is lower, feel free to connect with us on our Live Chat for a FREE Consultation and leave your email address in case you find us not online so we can get back to you.

The above pricing does not mean we do not work with agencies below a 75,000 monthly retainer. As a Hybrid Social Media Agency, we provide for solutions to leverage digital marketing at the budget you have. Have a budget of 50,000 – 75,000 per month inclusive of media spend? We’ll tell you how you can use that budget efficiently to achieve your objective. Have a budget lower than 50k per month? We can still help you set up a Social Media or Digital Strategy based on your business objectives for a one-time fee & you could get it executed through a freelancer with 3 – 5 years of experience.

What our Social Media Marketing Services include:

  1. Development of Digital Brand Strategy:
    This includes a quarterly, half yearly or yearly digital strategy that meets with the approval of our clients & their business goals & objectives
  2. Development of Channel Strategy:
    This includes platform-specific strategies such as Approach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.
  3. Content Planning & Copywriting Services:
    Planning Monthly Content Calendars, Content writing for strategized platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.
  4. Creative Design Services:
    Static Posts, Gifs, Animations, Motion Graphics, IG Story Content, Video Edits, Video Stories, Short-format videos, Live Content, etc.
  5. Social Media Management:
    Page Management, Posting, Scheduling, Monitoring & Tracking for new ideas & opportunities, etc.
  6. Management of Social Media Support:
    Social Media Response Management across platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn. Creation of an FAQ Doc & a query management process.
  7. Reporting & Analytics
    Our reporting and analytics include Weekly/Monthly Reports, Analysis, Learnings & Detailed Competition Analysis (varies based on pay). We do not rely on automated reporting tools yet as many tools replicate platform data in one place and beautify its appearance. We manually monitor with custom data charts built for reporting purposes. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with real-time community growth monitoring, daily content analysis, Instagram story analytics, etc. The ability to have this data at our fingertips allows us to try test efficiency of communication messages through different media campaigns run back to back. Back to back would be within a 1 -2-day timeframe

Mindstorm’s Creative Abilities & Work Portfolio

Featured below are samples of our work on behalf of our clients. Mindstorm built its creative team with an objective to set new standards in the industry. You could stay in touch with the work we do at Mindstorm on Instagram and give us a shout-out, share tips, ideas from time to time.

1. Retail : Vijay Sales

2. Consumer Durables : Vaya

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