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What you need to know

What does Social Media Marketing include?

Mindstorm is a Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai, India empowering brands with always-on creative content that informs, engages, excites and drives a response from their customers. Social Media Marketing at Mindstorm includes the following services.

Mindstorm - A full-service Interactive Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai, giving talent and passion the utmost priority, has a tight-knit team to create powerful brand experiences. Established with the motto 0f ‘Survival of the Freshest’ provides many social media services. Social media marketing agencies provide the A-Z of social media services, but at Mindstorm, you get something more.

Digital Brand Strategy
Includes quarterly, half yearly or yearly digital strategy which meets your business goals & objectives.
Channel Strategy
Opt for platform-specific strategies - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.
Planning Content Calendar
Streamline an always-on communication approach by defining content buckets that resonate with your target audience
Backed by content calendar, we conceptualise posts and write copies for posts, videos, blogs, carousals, reels etc.
Creative Design
Our In-house creative design team specializes in creating static, concepts & motion graphic animations.
Social Media Management
Manage overall page hygiene, client co-ordination, schedule posts as per monthly calendar, ensure KPI's are met.
Reputation Management
Respond to social media customers. Mindstorm also provides an advanced conversational approach that builds trust.
Reporting & Analytics
Includes In-depth reports i.e platform reports, consumer demand insights, KPI tracking & advanced reporting dashboards
Competition Analysis
Tracking & analysing upto 5 competitors for their content, communication, ad campaigns and reporting KPI metrics.
Commercial Structure

Factors that affect Price
in Social Media Marketing?

Content Types
Includes creation of Static, Animated, Video, Motion Graphics for Posts, Stories, Reels, Banners, Emailers etc.
Content Pieces
How many content pieces are you looking for every month? The pricing increases based of volume of creatives.
Volume of work
Addresses special requirements such as dedicated team, advanced reports, advanced engagement approaches etc.

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