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Wikipedia Page Creation Services

Wikipedia page creation & Wikipedia content writing services.

Why a Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia pages in 2024, serve as an honour for any business qualifying for the same. Wikipedia is the 7th most visited online publication in the world.


We are a Wikipedia Content Writing Services Agency. We charge for our Writing services and not for Wikipedia Submissions and Approvals as it's against Wiki Guidelines to do so. We only consider pages with merit. We increase the probability of the written content going and staying LIVE by taking the assistance of Wikipedia Admins.

What you need to know

You might find it shocking but these are simple facts so you may understand the power of the 'players' in Wikipedia. We facilitate Wikipedia page creation & are a Wikipedia Content Writing Services agency in Mumbai, India. We rely on expert Wikipedia consultants for writing content to publish wiki pages.

Wikipedia has 4 types of players - System Admins, Administrators, Reviewers & Editors
There are 18 System Admins in the whole world. Mindstorm is connected to One.
There are 1073 administrators in the whole world. If they stop a page, you will never be able to go live! Mindstorm is connected to 6.
There are many reviewers who criticize the submitted drafts by editors. Reviewers have a higher experience than Editors. Admins have a higher authority over editors.
Our approach to helping you go live on Wikipedia starts by evaluating the project at Admin level.
It is not necessary that the page which is published cannot be pulled down in the future as Wikipedia is an open platform.
As an copywriting agency, our job is to increase the probability for having your article stay live on Wikipedia.
Due to the nature of the platform, it is possible that some reviewers are waiting to disqualify a page. Hence, novices find it extremely difficult to write a page as per Wiki Guidelines.
Our Process

How do we get started?

The process is quite straightforward.

You share the brand details or the article you want to be published on Wikipedia along with online coverages.
These details will be shared with Wikipedia Admins to seek their approval if they can write an article worthy of Wikipedia
If you pass the Notability Guidelines, we move forward.
If NOT approved by them, we drop the project and alternatively suggest a course of action.
If approved, we inform you and you release the fee for Wikipedia Content Writing services.
We then begin writing or rewriting the article as per Wiki guidelines
Generally, the timeline is 2 – 3 weeks per page but there can be exceptions
Once the page is created we submit it for approval and since our admins write it, it has a higher prabability that it gets taken live.
Since our admins write it according to guidelines, it has a higher probability that it gets taken live and is not flagged.
Please note, that your payment is for Wikipedia Article Writing Services written with the help of an Admin. Our admins do not take up any copywriting project if they do not find merit.

Wikipedia Page Creation Pricing

Our charges for Wikipedia Page Content Writing services range between $1500 – $10,000 depending on the volume of content, complexity & difficulty.

Wikipedia has evolved over the years making it extremely difficult for novices to create a page and thus we rely on admins to help in writing the content for the page so that it adheres to Wikipedia guidelines. Since not all of them are based in India the pricing is in USD.