Bottle a story with video

Video Marketing

There are many ways to package your message. We do 8 of them!

Mindstorm's Video Marketing solutions helps you package your brand communication in story format.

If there will be any search for the best video marketing agency in Mumbai, India, then the name you can hear is Mindstorm. This Best Video/Youtube Marketing agency from Mumbai for the past 8+ years offers high-quality and value-added video marketing services to their clients. We provide you with the best-in-business, incorporated promotion strategies for driving maximum visitors to your site. Our service will help you promote products, improvise the transformation rate, increase traffic, enhance customer engagement, and promote your capabilities.
Below are the different video format Mindstorm has delivered for it's clients. This page should help you understand the different formats of content we deliver.

Influencer Shoots

Vijay Sales was wanting to introduce their brand new format of delivering a multi brand Kitchen Studio concept. Mindstorm got on board Influencers and produced the video with a video team in place.

This is a shoot based activity. Costs include crew, setup, lighting, influencers etc. Pricing varies on a per day model.

Video Case Studies

Combines Video & Motion Graphics in a Story telling format that can be shared online or offline to serve as a record of activity completed & share about the achievements.

Includes Voice over artist costs, scripting, video editing & motion graphics.

Video Collage

Combines Photos & Motion Graphics in a Story telling format that can be shared online or offline.

Includes scripting, video editing, motion graphics & background music.

Video Iconography

Combines Icons & Motion Graphics in a Story telling format.

Includes scripting, motion graphics & background music.

Stock Videography

Leverage stock videos & combine it with your images to communicate messages surrounding your brand thereby increasing the impact of your work.

Includes planning, scripting, background music, sourcing stock photo & videography.

Video Event Promo

Create a video promotion for an upcoming event using motion graphics that excite users.

Video Editing

Stitch multiple videos into a script to create a new video commercial.

In this example, Mindstorm stitched multiple videos sourced from Indians who got married in Thailand to form a script & create a video commercial promoting Indian weddings in Thailand for Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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