Understand how Mindstorm – The Twitter Trending Agency in India work.

Bath & Body Works, New Balance, Inglot, Vijay Sales, Bioderma, Tourism Authority of Thailand and several Politicians have reached out to Mindstorm to trend nationally on Twitter.

We made it possible for them to trend nationally on Twitter.

How Mindstorm got it done?

We reached out to over 500 Twitter Influencers (above 7000 followers) on Twitter. This includes verified and non verified Twitter Accounts. Based on the day selected for a trend, the number of participants in the trend are usually in the range of 200 – 300 Twitter Influencers.

When a client signs up with a 50% advance, the Influencer group is alerted and they confirm if a keyword or hashtag can be trended based on the language it is to be trended in as required by the client. Once the group confirms, all terms are accepted with our clients.

The trend begins and a sense of demand is artificially created with a visibility with 50 million impressions in less that 2 hours.

Influencers start tweeting with the help of sample tweets or links shared by the client. Minimum 300 of them. The hashtag or the keyword shows up on the trend list in about 25 – 30 mins and climbs up the chart to Top 10 National Twitter Trends.

What are the results of national trend on Twitter?

All of our clients have had a minimum of 30 million impressions generated in less than 2 hours. One can consider this as the minimum generated from a national trend when doing with Mindstorm. Some of our clients have also managed to earn 55 million+ impressions generated depending on the time, brand and competitive trends at the time of trending.

National trends can also be created by hiring a large group of non influencers. I.e People with 0 or less than 10 followers. 

Watch this video to understand how trends are created with bots or non-influencers.

Aniketh Dsouza explains a Twitter Trending hack.

However, the goal of Mindstorm, is not to create a nominal trend for our clients. With 0 followers the other groups trying to trend only manage to spin of a national trend without generate impressions. With the number of trends we have executed for our clients, Mindstorm can guarantee over 30 million impressions per trend. 

How are Twitter trends reported?

Below is an analytics report of one our political trends run by Mindstorm.

Jaipur Metro Twitter Trending Analytics Report
Jaipur Metro Twitter Trending Analytics Report
Jaipur Metro ranks 6 on National Trends

To understand our preliminary requirements for trending nationally, head over to our Twitter Trending in India services page.