With our new Vision & Mission in 2019, we have changed the way we work. We hire PEOPLE who PRIDE in the work they do for their clients. We believe that each individual at Mindstorm is capable of setting & beating their own benchmark for the brands they work with.

But first, we’d like to define who & how we hire.

Are you a ‘Marketing’ Hacker? Do you intend to be one?

We define hackers differently. We believe hackers are individuals who possess enough knowledge on a ‘subject matter’ which makes them capable to exploit rules set by bending them in their favour to achieve what they want.


  1. A doctor can be a hacker as he hacks human biology to fix the sickness their patients are facing. (Remember Doc. Strange Movie? He was not portrayed as a regular surgeon in the movie. He had an addiction to challenge rules)
  2. A lawyer who can make wrongdoings of a criminal look right in the eyes of the law is a hacker. This is why they get paid more. To fix a problem which their client’s are about to go through! (Read the meaning we defined above)
  3. A Marketing Hacker is an individual who not only understands brand (clients) and their target consumers but is also able to set up & execute a marketing campaign to drive brand objectives – visibility, recall, sales, etc.

Growth Hacking in Brand Building

We believe Growth Hacking is a mindset, not a function. Hence this cannot be someone’s job. Anyone can be a growth hacker if they want to be. Growth Hacking is a mindset where one is constantly seeking new ways to grow the brand by 10x with the work they do or their colleagues do.

‘Leveraging Chaos’ in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a fast-paced industry with new features launched almost every week. It’s not necessary that every new feature work in the brand’s favour. Some find these changes chaotic. If you enjoy constantly using new features for yourself or are able to use it for brands you manage successfully, we’d say you’d know the art of how to leverage chaos in your favour.

Want to join our team?

We are a diverse team of ‘media’ hackers with a common goal – to build brands & grow them at 10x – 20x.

Our core team comprises of:

Content Hackers

Creative Copywriters who enjoy writing short or long format copy that could give someone jitters or could drive emotions of our client’s target group. They believe Content is King, appreciate other ads with great copy and constantly strive to create something great on their own to fulfill their own desires of setting new standards for the advertising industry.

Media Hackers

They amplify our client’s businesses or drive new business. Their goal – Identify platforms that deliver desired results within the deadline & the budget allocated. They have a strong sense of business logic, reasoning, analytical skills and work diligently. Their work equips them with the knowledge of finding demand for a product or a product category in any market in the world. They are also able to support the team with charts & graph to show how consumer demand has shifted over time.

Design Hackers

Creatively blend in their skills with technology to develop creatives, animations, crafts, art, videos, etc. They believe their canvas is not limited to the desktop or the laptop they work on and are equipped with a ’design on-the-go’ mindset. They craft videos and animations not just on laptops but also through identified Apps on their smartphones thus enhancing productivity and equip our clients to crush its competition on the design front.

Community Hackers

Knows what it takes to build a fan base & manage it and increase engagement while getting it DONE. Enjoys number crunching, planning ahead, can predict results based on past experiences, plan contests driving follower growth, increasing comments and shares, builds databases, works alongside bloggers & influencers in the industry to get what they want on behalf of the brand, etc.

Tactical Marketing Hackers

Keeps a tab on news and is able to plan out a tactical marketing campaign around it. This isn’t a dedicated role at Mindstorm. Everyone from the team is welcome to contribute. (Remember those Amul Hoardings? That’s tactical & contextual marketing)

Conversational Hacker

Capable of knowing sentiments based on incoming messages of an internet user (without seeing them) and is able to manipulate emotions (Creepy). Enjoys psychology, human behavior, conversations with people, business and the fun element called STALKING. This individual plays an important role in creating delightful experiences out of negative consumer experiences. At times, drives sales for our clients purely with having conversations with customers who didn’t really have an intent to buy at first.

What designations/positions do we hire at Mindstorm?


    • Core Team

      • Digital & Social Media Managers
      • Content & Communication Managers
      • Creative Visualisers
      • Media Managers
    • Lead Team

      • Business Development Executives/Managers
      • Campaign Management Executives
      • Client Servicing Managers
      • Operations Managers
    • Executive Team

      • Social Media Executives
      • Creative Graphic Designers
      • Digital Advertising Executives
      • Online Support Executives
    • Web Team

      • Web Design
      • Web Development
      • SEO Managers/Executives
    • Support Team

      • HR Consultants (External)
      • Accounting Manager
    • Interns

      • Creative
      • Content
      • Media
      • Design

To Apply, write to hr@mindstorm.in with a cover note or

Call us at +91 7304401662.

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