NOTICE: Fake Remote Job Offer and Phishing Attacks in Mindstorm's name.

Hi Everyone,

It has come to our notice that scamsters & fraudsters have been sending fake remote job offers made in the name of Mindstorm Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

For our learnings, these scamsters are operating a telegram group where they appear to ask an amount of 1000 and in return give out a payout for 20% of the amount winning people’s trust and confidence.

Please do not fall for such scams. Please contact us directly via the contact options on our website if you have come across such activities.

Below are a few screenshots we have received from scammed users online. Please be vigilant and look for signals to ensure its legitimate with the help of the below aspects.

  1. Name of the person
  2. Person contacting you must have a contact number that matches the contact number on the Company Website
  3. Username should not appear fishy and must be genuine
  4. Website URL contact numbers should match the person contact number who is speaking with you

What you need to do when you get such lucrative offers?

  1. Check online if the company is genuine
  2. Ask them to send a mail from official company email id – The email you receive must be from @companyname
  3. Ask them to arrange a call from company number mentioned on the website

Without completing any of the 2 of the above tasks, do not even respond to the person.

Regarding Phishing Attacks

Also note, there are phishing attacks and requests for help using our CEO Aniketh Dsouza’s name happening.

Below are screenshots of the same.

Most of the people who received these were our employees and they just decided to double check with our CEO if it was genuine. This is how we were apprised of this scam.

What Action you can take?


Request you to please be vigilant with who you deal. There are no free lunches. Remote jobs which you feel do not really add any value to businesses are ‘red flags’ or signals that you should be aware of. Scamsters will take advantage of you if you aren’t aware of it.

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Alwyn Stany Dsouza

I have received the whatsapp from one of your team.

Divya Sharma
with proper id card



Alwyn Stany Dsouza

Aniketh Dsouza

We do not have an ID card for any of our employees as we do not have a physical workplace. Also, there is no person named Divya in our team.

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