Why Explainer Videos are Great for Marketing?

Why Explainer Videos are Great for Marketing?

From learning how to use an app to understanding a product feature better… These videos are everywhere! Want to know why explainer videos are good for marketing?

Does any animated video count as an explainer video? The answer is no.

Explainer videos used for marketing are those that use music, sounds, animation or visuals to explain a concept. They could also talk about a USP of a product and the reasons you should go for it. These videos make it interesting for the user.

Imagine reading a manual full of text to learn how to operate a product. Reading long instructions seems boring in a video generation. It’s all ready. It’s all there. All you have to do is push play to understand.

Most websites have one these days. It gives the user a better understanding of the company’s services. You can talk about anything you wish to in your video. Better yet, get a video marketing agency to take the trouble for you and your business.

2 main reasons why your business needs an explainer video:

  1. They are attractive and easy for the consumer to grasp your point.
  2. They have high conversion rates.

Why are explainer videos good for marketing?

When the path is clear for the user, there is no stopping them. Let me give you some examples to explain what I mean.

With their video viewed over 750,000 times in a single month, a brand called Dropbox increased its conversions by 10%.

An explainer video created for a brand called Rypple, increased its conversions by 20%.

Not bad for 1 video isn’t it?

But how come explainer videos are so effective for business?

Let’s understand the science behind it.

Explainer videos are effective when it comes to marketing especially because of the combination of music, sounds, audio and visual stimuli. This combination makes it easy for your users to understand your idea in the simplest way possible. Sounds and visuals also increase message retention.

According to a principle called dual coding, people remember about 10% of what they’re told. But when both visual and auditory senses stimulate, the percentage goes up to 68%. Now that’s a big deal!

Research also reveals that 52% of consumers watch product videos to make themselves feel more confident in their online purchase decisions. This is mainly because explainer videos target an audience who is definitely looking to understand or buy your product. The video is there for them to strengthen their decision to make that purchase.

60% of respondents to a Forbes survey said they would watch a video before reading any text on the same web page.

This is how valuable explainer videos are when it comes to marketing for your business. Get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in India to know the secret sauce behind how explainer videos are created. Because the key to great marketing is in selecting the perfect marketing agency for your brand. 

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