Invented about 2 years ago, Progressive web apps are the next great trend that will be pivotal for 2020.

PWA can be called as a new generation of web applications that load just like regular websites. Progressive web apps are said to offer functionality like working offline, speed and other features that are mostly associated with native applications.

Let’s take a deeper look & understand the benefits of PWA

Benefits of PWA for website Development:

1) Mobile First

While mobile-first responsive design is a common thing now, most websites still struggle to offer good UX. In an era of smartphones, the mobile-first experience is what matters. This is the primary reason why Google, Microsoft and other companies are pushing progressive web applications to encourage businesses.
PWA offers an app-like experience offering not just a website, but a real tool to improve your business and make visitors want to return.

2) Cost – Save Up To 75% Of the Costs of a Native App

Web development can be expensive as it depends upon how large and complex your application requirements are.

While most native apps costs $25000-100,000 to develop, a PWA can cost half or less than the corresponding native option.

3) No Internet – No worries

Who needs a network? A progressive web application allows the user to keep browsing even if there is no internet. This is because they run as a background process and include URL caching capabilities.

4) Quick to Load & Low on Data

Loading time of PWA is at least 2-3x faster compared to responsive or web stores. Further, due to caching, PWAs are quite smaller than mobile apps and require a lot less bandwidth than traditional web apps.

5) Last but Not the Least – Huge Conversion Rates

Browsing with PWA is seamless. This causes a huge increase in conversion rates. Some PWA apps implementation has even resulted in a 2.8x increase in conversion and a 2.8x increase in time spent on site.


Planning to upgrade your e-commerce to mobile? Or need to tackle the long loading time? Or stressed with low conversion rates? Leverage the power of PWA as they have already managed to establish the new viewpoint of structuring websites.
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