Brands Celebrate International Waffle Day Globally on Social Media

Brands Celebrate International Waffle Day Globally on Social Media

International Waffle Day comes with an interesting history! What started as a spiritual celebration and tradition of eating waffles in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in March, soon became a worldwide cultural phenomenon!  Waffles today are a favourite food, guilty pleasure and breakfast of champions across the globe. Coffee shops to waffle retail chains and ready- to -eat packaged waffles to electronic brands celebrate #InternationalWaffleDay. We’re looking at some of the coolest and creative #InternationalWaffleDay social media posts with brands that celebrate waffle day!

1. Brit + Co

2. Coffee By Di Bella

3. Deliveroo

4. Eazy Diner


6. EVGA Motherboards

7. Hudson Oil

8. Herbalife


10. Kenstar

11. NFL

12. Parks and Creations

13. Panarottis

14. Pioneer Electronics

15. Smart & Final Store


17. Trolls

18. US Patent Office

19. Weetabix

20. WIX

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