April Fool's Day Campaigns Over The World!

April Fool’s Day Campaigns Over The World!

Why do the Sharks need Shark Tank when they have April 1st…

After looking at this list, apart from wonderful campaign ideas – we are sure you will agree that the brightest, most innovative and creative product ideas seem to surface only on April Fool’s Day. Jokes apart… If you are conducting some research or looking for some inspiration, from the best April Fool’s Day Campaigns, this is it. Well your idea could be breaking a world record, or as simple as playing a prank on your customers or faking a launch. Enjoy the limelight as it’s the only time of the year your customers won’t mind getting fooled.



The founding father of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg became a fashion icon on the 1st for his basic gray tee and ordinary pair of denim jeans. This fake collaboration had all eyes. The hashtag #MarkforHM spread like wildfire.

Souled Store

This felt almost as if the brand stepped into your dreams and also into a time-machine at the same time. We loved the product usage depicted towards the end of this video.


Who says pets aren’t social animals… They need their own social network too. Another genius campaign idea that has been creatively copied by many brands over the years. You may talk the talk but can you walk the walk like TalkTalk?


‘Aish aur aaraam’ is very essential for a happy life. Here is MTVs interesting take on a common man’s life on the day of fools.


This is one company that takes their customers seriously! Amazing concept. Zomato would you really consider starting at least a dating feature anytime soon?

Mumbai Police

‘Kon bolla?’ Sarcasm in the name of the law, that too for a good cause – is always appreciated! Mumbai Police never fails to impress.


Ixigo would make a good side-kick for Mumbai Police don’t you think?


This problem of trying to get the Pringles at the bottom of the can was made fun of by this witty campaign where the brand solved the burning issue with a can designed for one chip…you can always reach the bottom!



This idea was cleverly backed by a Facebook campaign that connected people to a page on their website.


Tide simply dares you to swipe on April Fool’s Day.


Take your time to watch this April Fool’s Day idea by Ola. No pressure!

Atomberg Technologies

Here is how Atomberg Technologies made fans the solution to all of man’s problems in this era on the 1st of April..


Didn’t think beauty brands could jump the bandwagon? Here’s how Joy delivered a serious and powerful message on April Fool’s Day. Hats off!


Thanks to instant tea you can open up beer anywhere, anytime! All you need is a reason on April Fool’s Day. Watch the video to know how. 

While many campaigns were disguised to reveal they were pranks, audiences were entertained for a day and for the brand – it was definitely worth it!

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