How Brands Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with Creative Ads

How Brands Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with Creative Ads

Ganesh Chaturthi is a huge, four-day festival dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesh—the
elephant deity. Ganesh Chaturthi, which means “Celebration of the Chaturthi”, is celebrated
on the fourth day of the waxing moon in the Hindu calendar. The festival primarily celebrates
Ganesh’s triumph over the demon, MahISHASURA, by praying for Ganesh’s victory in the
struggle between good and evil.
During this season, brand advertising is in full swing. Brands invest in meaningful and heart-
warming campaigns to send the message to their audiences. As the harbinger of prosperity
and remover of obstacles is celebrated, brands choose to take the higher-order and have a
strong brand message. 
What are some of the best Ganesh Chaturthi ads by brands? Let’s have a look: 
Creative Film Campaigns

1. Brooke Bond Red Label

In a tea-loving country like India, the brand used its product and the festive occasion to sell
an offbeat concept. Showing the interaction between one man who wants to buy an idol, and
a shopkeeper, they outlined how secularism can bring people closer. This heart-touching ad
was loved by many, especially for its tackling of a sensitive subject in a tasteful manner. 
Watch here:

2. Truebil

Aimed at reducing water pollution during the festivities, Truebil, a pre-owned car brand,
launched #CoolGannu campaign, a sea-friendly initiative with ice sculptures of God
Ganesha. As part of the initiative, Truebil offered attractive little ice Ganeshas carved entirely
by hand for every car purchased from the platform. The cute and quirky Ganesha figurines
have a shelf life of 24 hours before they melt away. The conscious and eco-friendly message
behind this ad is truly commendable! 
Watch here: 

3. Reliance Fresh 

Going down the route of sustainability is definitely going to become more common in the
future, and Reliance Fresh demonstrated this through campaign titles ‘A prayer for modern
problems”. Here, their focus was on ensuring that our children are given a sustainable
future, The children create their own Gannu with fruits and vegetables, and sing a unique
song where they address all the different environmental concerns in the world. They
collectively pray that more people will live responsibly, and like Lord Ganesha, remove the
obstacles of a troublesome future. 

Watch here: 

4. Tanishq

  • This jewelry brand has often taken it a step further with their campaign messages and tried
    to look at the bigger picture. When it came to the special festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, they
    didn’t hold back! Through a simple yet meaningful camapaign, Tanishq gave an ‘ode to the
    obstacle removers’ in our lives. Addressing the pandemic, they showed how different people
  • be it friends, family, neighbours or anyone else – have helped make life a little better in
    these tough times. Through a touching narrative and well-shot digital film, the brand was
    able to make a beautiful connect to the festival. 
    Watch here: 

5. ICICI Lombard

In current times, the message of ‘Stay home, stay safe’ has been echoed by brands all over
the globe. In the Indian context, ICICI Lombard made the best use of the opportunity
presented by Ganesh Chaturthi, to drive home a message of responsibility. By using a child
to deliver the message, they encouraged people to continue their celebrations, but indoors.
They wonderfully manage to outline the importance of ‘caring for yourselves and also for
your neighbours’ by choosing to celebrate the festival safely from home. 
Watch here: 

Creative Digital Ads 
Many brands also chose to go the minimal way, by using clever visuals and imagery to tie
their brand into the occasion. All of them were clever and also meaningful, giving viewers
something to appreciate and resonate with. 

7. Dineout

8. Volkswagen Financial Services

9. Milklane

10. BMW

11. Xiaomi India

12. Mercedes Benz

13. McDonald’s

14. Godrej Properties

15. CEAT Tyres

16. The Better India

A powerful insight and well-planned execution is what makes a campaign stand out!
Especially on holidays and during festive seasons, it’s important for brands to have a strong
driving proposition and brand connect. Are you looking to make an impact with your brand
during festive seasons? Hit us up and we’ll get it done for you! 

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