How To Generate Quality Leads Through Social Media

How To Generate Quality Leads Through Social Media

If you are not taking advantage of social media, you have missed out on the world’s most inexpensive way to target your audience and generate leads for your business.

Social media is not an option for brands today… Why?

  • There are 3 billion followers on social media everyday. The number of followers and the engagement rate keeps increasing.
  • It helps your brand build the trust and loyalty it needs and also show the world its personality.
  • Social media is not expensive compared to other media when it comes to generating healthy lead flow.

How important is social media to your business?

“52 percent of social media marketers believe social media positively influences the company’s revenue and sales.” Source

“Social media is more valuable to B2C (58%) than B2B companies (46%).” Source

Yet, creating an effective social media lead generation strategy is one of the most challenging aspects for brands.

5 Social media lead generation tips:

There are many ways for businesses to use social media to generate leads. Part of this plan is detoxing your brand on social media and then correcting its path. The following five tips will help bring you honest or quality leads soon.

1. Boost the credibility of your brand (Expression)

Social proof your brand with customer recommendations, testimonials and more. This will not only boost the credibility of your brand, but give your customer the confidence to slide through your sales funnel. Social media is all about showcasing your brand strengths, how your clients have benefited because of your product, encouraging more conversations about your brand, what your services are about or how you overcame your customer’s problems.

2. A profile that’s ‘to-the-point’ (A Call To Action)

Your brand profile or about us section on social media should be so clear that any new follower must understand what your business is about and what it is that you do, at first glance. There must be a link or button allowing them to sign up or contact or even shop. You can even link your social media page to customer support options like phone, email etc. or even to other social media channels you might want them to visit.

3. Contests (Interest)

Besides getting your audience excited about the prizes to be won, the real win when it comes to contests is getting your audience to interact on your page. Discounts and offer posts also do the same thing. Even the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai will take the help of contests, simply because your customer finds that it makes sense to interact while your brand gets a chance to communicate and know your customers better!

4. Analytics (Enlightenment)

Engaging and interacting with your customers is not enough to generate leads, but knowing what is happening behind the scenes is important. Before launching your next campaign, analytics should always be a crucial step in your lead generation process. Use the data that you collect about what your audience liked and what they didn’t or what worked for your brand and what didn’t. Take those learnings from your previous campaign and improve your next one for better lead generation results.

5. Influencers (Humanness)

Working with social media influencers is worth every rupee. It’s not just B2C but B2B that is taking the help of influencers to market their products and services, big time! Influencers work as people generally tend to trust another human being more than another company. They just make the same job easier for the brand. It’s like social word of mouth. Every brand can play this game!

Hope this blog gives your business the kick-start it needs to begin generating leads. In the meantime, if you wish to get in touch with an honest social media marketing company in Mumbai, look no further. Email

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