Top Women's Day Campaigns by Brands

Top Women’s Day Campaigns by Brands

Special days call for extra efforts when you’re a big name on social media. With women empowerment being a burning topic, every brand aims to present the best campaign/creative.

Enlisted below are some women’s day campaigns that made the as the best among the many.

1. Adidas.

Women in sports are breaking records, outshining and claiming the spotlight right now! Adidas nails the emotion, the achievements and highlights that sports is for everyone. Every body type, creed, race and nothing should stop anyone.

2. Bumble.

The dating app Bumble was developed as a pro-feminist app that empowers women with a choice to pick their matches and dates. The app itself puts women first, encouraging them to make the first move. And this has garnered them 100 million users in 2020 itself. Their women’s day campaign of course follows suit, talking about how all women are vital- the ones who make global changes and the ones who lead changes in their lives and others.

3. Linkedin.

The social media network places serious emphasis on gender pay gaps, inequalities and job losses that women faced during the pandemic. But they’re doing it with real-life stories of women who talk about these issues and what they did to overcome the pandemic. These women are influencers in their own right across the globe and highlight real issues such as motherhood, job loss, closed business shutters and more. They talk about their champions – family , friends and the women’s network on Linkedin who helped them sail over these tough times.

4. McDonalds.

McDonalds made women feel special on women’s day asking them to enjoy their burger the way they like them. The brand asked women to shed their inhibitions and learned conditioning about how to eat, how to behave and more. McDonalds asked women to share their videos and pictures enjoying their burgers and tag the brand to feature in their social media stories and promotion.

5. OKCredit.

Indian women are leading the change in various industries, becoming entrepreneurs. From home-led and small business ideas to mid-sized companies – women everywhere are living their ambition through hard work. While this number may be small, it is a beginning even at 14%. OKCredit showcases the story of one woman and her dreams. It also highlights how the brand can enable women entrepreneurs to come #OutOftheShadows and build their dream companies.

6. PepperFry.

Furniture is often considered a woman’s thing. Women choose the decor of the home, the look and design the spaces. But it’s not all about aesthetics always – and PepperFry’s campaign elucidates that message. It is women who add functionality and make spaces more productive. The brand collaborated with rapper Dee MC to craft a beautiful anthem for women’s day – #WowWomaniya. The brand also tied it back to their women’s day sale on handpicked products available on their website.

7. PayTM.

The gender pay gap is real, the gender issues in the workplace are real. Often women are overlooked for promotions and underpaid in some cases or not considered for important roles. This is however changing now, and Paytm’s Women’s Day social experiment sheds some light on difficult conversations that surround women in the workplace. Completely worth a watch and a thought about gender equality and awareness around it.

8. True caller.

True caller has made identifying unwanted calls so much easier. Their women’s day campaign further highlights how the app helps women on a daily basis. With 1 woman being stalked every 55 minutes in India, having the ability to recognise the offender and tracking the stalker is incredibly useful.

9. The Green Snack co.

Most people have an unhealthy relationship with food. Women even more so. From guilting into eating too much to being accused of eating less. emotional eating, emotional dieting and more – The green snack co. brings to light these unhealthy relationships women have with food. It looks deep into why and how they eat and examine their food habits. The campaign further goes on to explain how eating healthy does not mean dieting, on the contrary it means loving your body enough to give it the best.

10. Zivame.

Zivame took a different route for their women’s day campaign. Teaming up with comedian Mallika Dua brings in a completely real and funny element to the campaign. The campaign highlights real issues women face for their products albeit in a funny light. It’s warm, it’s hilarious and highlights the product effectively. Brilliant execution in weaving the product within the setup using an influencer collaboration. 

11. Volkswagen – My Favourite Things.

Oh so you don’t think women can be good drivers? Hold the brakes mister!

You need to check out the bold digital campaign by Volkswagen. The 52 seconds ad shows a professional race-car driver revving the cars, performing adrenaline inducing drifts and outrageous donuts on the asphalt track. The driver steps out and removes their helmet, lo and behold the reveal! The driver turns out to be a young lady, 21 year old Shivani Pruthvi. Shivani’s an NCC cadet, a medical student and oh yes, a professional race driver. You go girl!

12.Godrej Appliances – #LetsStartRight

This minute long digital ad by Godrej tackles the issues of subtle gender stereotypes while tugging at your heartstrings. The ad showcases a little girl and her grandpa admiring a female fighter-jet pilot on T.V. While the grandpa seems proud of the achievement of women in a male dominated society, he can’t help let slip his opinion that women may be better suited to more domestic oriented roles when the young girl’s mother arrives, informing the family that she’s taking up the position of a teacher in lieu of her corporate job. The innocent girl seemingly confused by the contradictions of her grandpa’s opinion asks if “Being a fighter pilot is not correct for a woman.”  Aww! The grandpa experiences a moment of subtle introspection as he remarks, “Teacher, pilot, corporate job” they’re all correct. We love you grandpa!

13. IxiGo – Ruk Jaana Nahi

A life well travelled is a life well-lived. If you’re mature enough to drink, drive (not necessarily in that order) and work, it makes sense that you should be able to travel wherever your heart desires.

Imagine then, how it’d feel to seek someone’s approval if you wanted to see new places, experience new cultures and meet new people.

8 out of 10 women in India still need approval to travel, Ixigo demonstrated this brilliantly in their minute long ad showcasing how Indian women have to go through multitudes of questions and challenges  to be able to travel freely. We don’t know about you but it’s time we book this tradition a ticket to the Himalayas, because it needs to take a hike!

14. Reebok India – #BruisesCanBeGood

Can bruises on a woman’s body be a  good sign? What are your thoughts, actually wait , read on ahead first.

Reebok India conducted a thought provoking experiment ahead of Women’s Day. A group of participants across different age groups from every-day household families in India were selected to be the audience in this experiment.  Their task? simply observe a young woman, covered in bruises from head to toe.  Understandably, the audience were shocked, some concerned while few others outraged. Most believed her to be a victim of domestic abuse. Imagine their surprise then, when the bruised girl stands up and performs an array of martial art moves. The flummoxed audience quickly realizes their original assessment was incorrect and the young lady in front of them was no victim but an athlete. What better way to showcase that bruises are ‘good’ than as proof of an athlete’s unwavering strength.

15. iD – #CookForHer

Behind every successful man is a woman. Heard that one before right? Well that’s because she has to make sure he doesn’t go to the office without his pants. The women in our lives do much for us. iD expands on this idea by rolling out a film for International Women’s Day and  focusing on a married couple.  To thank his wife for all the days she put him before herself, the husband decides to cook up a delicious breakfast for her. The endearing montage of the husband clumsily prepare a meal is heartwarming yet quirky but clearly sends the message across, ‘we are equals’. At the end of the video, he takes the pledge to cook for his wife and urges other men to do the same in their lives by cooking thrice a week.

16. Reliance Fresh – #JeeLeZara

“Perhaps one day they’ll understand all the sacrifices she gladly out of love for them” – John Mark Green.

The women in our lives are our unsung heroes. It’s far too easy to take someone for granted when that someone dedicates every waking moment of their lives to make ours more comfortable. The #JeeLeeZara digital ad campaign by Reliance is a breath of fresh air as it exemplifies the dependency we have on these women by taking the example of a middle-aged couple. The husband isn’t all too excited about his wife’s plans to travel to Goa with her girlfriends.  At first he treats it humorously, as he realizes she won’t relent he resorts to asking her who will take care of him if she leaves ( What a guilt trip, mister! ) Undeterred by her husband’s quirky attempts to persuade her to stay, she happily takes the trip after all.  Brownie points to the hubby for being a total sweetheart at the end and waving her off

17. JSW –  #EveryWomanStrong

To all those wrestling with the question, how many roles can a woman fit into in her day-to-day life?

It doesn’t get any clearer than this. JSW group featured olympic wrestler Sakshi Malik, as part of their female empowerment initiative ‘Janam Se Janam Tak’ on Women’s day.

The bold question fielded to us by Sakshi, “You think I’m the only Sakshi that wrestles?” left us stunned by the weight of the question.  Before we could reel from the impact of the profound moment, Sakshi already had us locked in her grip the next second as she adorned a traffic police uniform, followed by a chef’s whites, construction worker outfit etc. showcasing all the different roles the women of today’s India fill. A truly thought provoking statement that can resonate with the viewer.

18. Preganews – #YourSecondHome

What can be more heartwarming when your fellow woman has your back through the trying times of your life?

This sweet campaign by Preganews perfectly encapsulates the emotions within those moments. The ad features a series of interactions between a woman and her house-maid throughout the day.  The maid is asked to go about her regular chores in a different way than she’s accustomed to. While seemingly baffled, the maid doesn’t retort up until she discovers her mistress has hired another maid to replace her from the next day.  Befuddled at these events the house-maid is noticeably distraught, only to be comforted by the mistress as she reveals to the audience that the house-maid was actually pregnant this entire time and this has been her way of thanking the maid for all her services, what a touching moment indeed ( don’t worry she still keeps the job! )

19. StarSports – #CheckOutMyGame

What’s the best way to knock out gender stereotypes? You call in a special favour from Mary Kom of course.

StarSports did something similar for their women’s day campaign #CheckOutMyGame by drawing attention to the heights of achievement being scaled by female Indian athletes today.

20. IndiaMART – #DreamOn

No man is an island, the same applies to women, doubly so if they’re entrepreneurs carving their way in a competitive and judgemental market.  Sometimes the challenges faced by these pioneering women make us forget  that not all is necessarily glum! They have the love and support of their families behind them. The same is exemplified beautifully by the Digital Campaign, #DreamOn by IndiaMART which showcases the journey of female entrepreneurs who have realised their dreams and aspirations by overcoming hurdles together with their families.

21. Nike- Cream Crazier

Nike pays tribute to the female athletes who have broken barriers and brought people together through their performance. Sending a powerful message across through Serena Williams, Nike brings focus to how women are called ‘hysterical’ or ;crazy’.

“If we show emotion, we’re called dramatic. If we want to play against men, we’re nuts. And if we dream of equal opportunity, we’re delusional. When we stand for something, we’re unhinged. When we’re too good, there’s something wrong with us.  And if we get angry, we’re hysterical, irrational, or just being crazy”, Serena Williams in the ad campaign. 

22. PayPal- #BalanceForBetter

PayPal’s video focuses on the theme of International Women’s Day 2019- Balance for Better – aiming to forge a more gender balanced world and raise awareness against bias.

Their video features female business leaders having a discussion on the ways gender balance can be implemented in a workplace. Female Entrepreneurs describe their experiences of being a woman in business and offer advice for women who are potential entrepreneurs.

23. Western Union- Race is on

Their video highlights girls from around the world running a race. A race towards their future goal- first woman president, first person on Mars, first woman on the moon. 

The narrator states ‘Okay girls, the Race is ON,’ and off the girls go! This campaign focuses on how Education is vital and through that girls can dream bigger. 

24. Microsoft- #MakeWhatsNext

STEM has been perceived to be a field dominated by males. Microsoft’s #MakeWhatsNext Campaign encourages girls to choose & pursue careers in STEM. 

The video shows the disparity between males and females ratio in the STEM field by asking the young girls in the video a single question- Can you name female inventors? 

The video then begins to proceed showing the inventions we use daily, that are woman-made. The campaign also consisted of a patent program that funded and guided young female inventors to file for patents.

25. Netflix- Because She Watched

Netflix released a new collection, titled “Because She Watched,” that was curated by 55 women in entertainment. This compilation includes documentaries, films and television series that celebrate inspirational women.

26. Netflix- Make Room

Actress Uzo Aduba addresses the camera while speaking about the boundaries or limitations that are instilled on women, especially women of color. 

“Have you ever been in a room and didn’t see anyone else like you? Have you ever thought you definitely belonged but were told subtly, or not so subtly, that you didn’t?”

27. Flipkart- #RaiseHerToLead

Flipkart’s #RaiseHerToLead campaign for Women’s Day breaks the traditional outlook families have of treating marriage as the only important milestone in a woman’s life. Rather asks people to focus on celebrating milestones that empower women to be more independent & achieve their dreams. 

28. Kotak Silk- #WomenInspireWomen

The video begins with National Sports Legend- PT Usha clapping & celebrating the millions of women who are breaking barriers and overcoming hurdles in order to achieve their dreams.

29. TVS Eurogrip- #TheRealSpecialist

TVS Eurogrip’s video is a tribute to the women who inspire us to be progressive, dynamic and empowered. Their campaign nails it with their messaging- women excel in every field they enter & it is now no-more a man’s world we live in. 

30. BIBA- #AnEqualWorldStartsWithYou

A Campaign without a voice but speaks volumes. Through 15 second snippets, BIBA shows how small actions in daily life level the playing field for women. Whether it is something as simple as packing a tiffin for your wife or something as challenging as teaching a boy how to make rotis, BIBA’s Campaign shows how #AnEqualWorldBeginsWithYou

31. Metro Shoes- #ChangeTheWord

We all unknowingly use words that propagate gender stereotypes like “Man of the House” or “Man’s world” . With this campaign, Metro Shoes encourages people to #ChangeTheWord to Change the World.  

32. PregaNews – #ImwithYellow

Their social experiment focused on asking people who ‘Kalpana Chawla,’ ‘Mary Kom,’ “Sakshi Malik’ and other famous and renowned females are.  Then they pose a simple question- ‘Who are their brothers?’ 

Their campaign brings to light the sex descrimintion that goes on in India till date, urging people to rise above this since women are going places in every field. 

33. Google- Women Riders World Relay

The tech titan collaborated with the Guardians, a group of female motorcyclists, to film a documentary of their Women Riders World Relay. Using Google Maps and Google Translate, they created a relay-specific map for the riders to follow. The video itself highlights the stories of some of the event’s participants.

34. Lotte’s Chocopie- #PauseToCelebrate

Lotte ChocoPie’s “Pause to Celebrate” seeks to honor women who strive hard to multitask everyday & everywhere, with hardly a pause moment for themselves.

35. ALL- #Iambettercurvy

‘All’ -the plus size fashion store by Future Lifestyle Fashions calls out all trollers who spread hate. This video shows women reading comments by these trolls & being unapologetically themselves irrespective. 

36. Tata Mutual Fund launched “#TakeCharge 

Women invest 40% less than Men. Tata Mutual Fund’s campaign aims at changing that. They launched “#TakeCharge – Women must invest”, an educational initiative to teach how to invest better & safer. 

37. Ease your life- Celebrate Her Everyday

‘I don’t support women’s day.’ This statement is given a huge twist in this video! Men speak up about how the women in their lives have helped, supported and motivated them to make the right choices & decisions. Therefore they say #CelebrateHerEveryday and not just on the one day. 

38. UCB- #UnitedByStories

United Colors of Benetton launched a digital film on Women’s Day titled #UnitedByStories, that celebrates ‘Womanhood’. 8 women from different walks of life talk about their stories in this bold initiative. 

39. ICICI Lombard-#ExtraForEquality

ICICI Lombard General Insurance shines a light on all women out there who strive to #DoTheDifficult by going that extra mile and work a little bit #ExtraForEquality. From being a mother to being a student to an accomplished professional, this campaign sheds light on how women have to persevere through hardships to overcome adversities. 

40. Zomato- #SoWhatIfIDontCook

Zomato’s #SoWhatIfIDontCook campaign showcases a regular dad in the kitchen making his famous Biryani. The Twist? It’s PV Sindhu’s dad. 

This campaign brilliantly smashes the age old statement – It’s a woman’s job to cook. 

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