How to Use User-Generated Content on Instagram

How to Use User-Generated Content on Instagram

Who doesn’t love seeing their products LIVE in action on social media? Or reading how a brand experience delighted or made an impact. It gets even better when new customers follow the brand on Instagram or purchase on seeing this content. That’s the power of UGC – User Generated Content (UGC)! UGC, user-generated content on Instagram is a digital brand asset for businesses. More importantly, using user-generated content on Instagram strategically can drive engagement, awareness, and conversions.

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Understanding User-Generated Content on Instagram

Every customer is now an influencer. Instagram is a hub of shared moments, memories, what’s changing lives for better or worse, and what a customer recommends. Google data reveals that nearly 40% of Gen Z users prefer using TikTok and Instagram for internet searches over Google searches in 2022. That’s a major shift! And it’s largely because Instagram is a portal of information populated by real people – users – customers, employees, influencers, brands, and more.

User-generated content on Instagram is original content created by a user/ customer while mentioning a brand. Customers usually tag or call out the brand on Instagram through stories or posts. Brands can then reshare this content on their feed, with due permission and credits to the original creator.

Customers review absolutely everything online now – from clothes and jewellery (products) to holiday destinations and food (experiences) to intimate personal hygiene too! Do you see why it becomes crucial for brands to harness this force of UGC? One testimonial, review, and video become the online word-of-mouth marketing for the brand. It’s authentic, true, and comes from the ‘horse’s mouth.’ Thus, it possesses the power to influence buying decisions.

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Let’s look at how your business can leverage UGC wisely on Instagram.

Quick Tips for Using User-Generated Content for Instagram

1. Sourcing UGC from customers

Not all customers or users seek the brand handle to tag on their Instagram posts. Giving customers an incentive to tag or mention the brand can motivate them to do so. Run a voucher giveaway contest on the Instagram handle with specific hashtags. Add thank you notes in offline purchases, reminding customers to share a testimonial and review online and tag the brand.

Create a custom hashtag for your brand. Customers can use this hashtag in their posts while using your products or services. Several fashion and aspirational brands ask customers to tag the official handle to feature UGC on the brand feed.

2. Partnering with Influencers

A good influencer or partnership strategy must include honest, authentic reviews and product usage. Most celebrities, influencers, and brand loyalists tag brands and offer brand credits on their original content. Consider running contests through the influencer, which enables the business to tap into a large network and generate a variety of user-generated content on Instagram.

3. Curate the user-generated content

Not every customer can take a great picture or share posts that align with the brand message. Curating the right type of UGC is critical to ensure the feed looks good. Offer specific guidelines on how or when a user can feature on brand handles. This ensures the UGC created aligns with the brand’s content needs.

4. Use UGC on the brand website

With due permissions in place, using UGC on the brand website or digital marketing can create a lasting impact. Your own customers are now your brand endorsers on a larger platform. Viewing real stories and real people on Instagram with the brand motivates new customers to add your brand to the consideration set.

5. Use UGC to drive conversations

When tagged by a user on their posts, start a conversation in their feed. This leads to more engagement on their feed and gives the brand a voice in a new audience. While resharing a post, reel, or story in the feed, tag the user and ask a question to drive more engagement.

6. Don’t ignore the negatives

Customers share negative reviews of bad experiences online as happily as they recommend the brand or share testimonials. Acknowledging negative reviews and tags is equally essential in building a better digital reputation on Instagram. There’s no need to reshare the posts or interactions. However, addressing the negative experience ensures better customer relations and brand equity.

Let’s give you some inspiration to boost your UGC strategy.

1. Tourism Authority of Thailand

2. Blue Tokai Coffee

3. Birds of Paradyes

4. Dr. Sheths

5. Go Pro

6. Google Pixel

7. Levis

8. Mutt of Course

9. Bombay Sapphire

10. Nongshim

Let’s get UGC started on your brand

User generated content can drive genuine followers, new audiences, and interested customers to your social media marketing. Want to get started on popularising your brand with user generated content on Instagram? Talk to our Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai or drop us an email –

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