Top World Photography Day Campaigns by Brands

Top World Photography Day Campaigns by Brands


Cherishing old memories always brings a smile to our faces. We all love to capture our favourite moments in a frame. That is why on ‘World Photography Day’ all the brands come out with some amazing contests and campaign ideas to encourage the photographer in you and let you go back down memory lane. We have gathered some amazing campaigns from different brands for this special day!

  1. Canon: –

In their 2018 world photography day campaign, Canon India brought up a really sensitive topic as their campaign. In our surroundings, there are many serious issues of people that remain unnoticed. That is why they spread the message of capturing those unrecognized problems with the hashtag #ShiftYourFocus. We must shift our focus from the casual surroundings to the issues that should be discussed. So that those socio-economical problems around us can drag people’s attention and get solved.

  1. One Plus: –

Capturing a random frame is quite common for us. But what if we try to click something which has a particular pattern. In the 2018 campaign of World Photography Day, One Plus India encouraged their customers to create frames based on lines. Interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Cashify: – 

Cashify’s 2018 world photography day campaign was really inspiring. We click several photos regularly. But Cashify inspired people to capture people’s love for their country. As this day is just after India’s Independence Day, this patriotic #clickychallenge was quite popular on Facebook.

  1. Fujifilm India: –

Themed photography contests by different brands are often seen for World Photography Day. But Fujifilm India’s 2018 campaign was a little exciting. There was an amazing photo of a person playing Holi and people were asked to write a caption for that. Photographers can be creative not only through their frames but also for their frames.

  1. Puressential: –

UK-based health and beauty brand Puressential showed its love for nature through its world photography day campaign in 2018. Not only them, but they also encouraged their customers to respect our mother nature and capture those moments. The contestant with the best customer could win their purifying air spray.

  1. Honor: – 

On world photography day, it is not enough to click pictures. You should also have some knowledge about photography. In the 2017 campaign, Honor India arranged a photography quiz as a contest. It had 256 retweets and 384 likes within 12 hours.

  1. Toyota: –

In the 2019 campaign for world photography day, Toyota Glanza India encouraged their customers to go for hatching to collect some picturesque frames. There can be nothing better than going for a photo ride on photography day right!

  1. Datsun: –

In the world, the photography day campaign of 2019 Datsun India reminded all its customers that we have so many memories with their cars. That is why capturing those moments behind the wheel was a perfect idea from them to celebrate the day with the hashtag #ExperienceChange.

  1. Nikon: –

When it comes to world photography day, almost all of us try to capture at least one photo as a celebration. In the 2019 world photography day campaign, NIKON India arranged 3 days long photography workshops for all the enthusiasts in 14 Indian cities.

  1. Panasonic Lumix: –

Panasonic Lumix’s 2019 campaign for world photography day was pretty fascinating. They created a video consisting of some amazing works by the mentors of Lumix. The post inspired a lot of photographers for sure!

  1. BigBasket: –

Who doesn’t love being creative with food? Not only the smell or the taste but also, we take proper care of the look of the dish. That is why Bigbasket created a food-photography contest for their 2018 world photography day campaign.  

  1. Mumbai Metro: –

Mumbai Metro’s Instagram page has lots of captures by travellers. This has made the whole page different than others. That is why Mumbai Metro thanked all those people who made the page more aesthetic through their 2019 world photography day campaign. In the video of this post, we could see some amazing frames taken by people.

  1. Maxxis Tyres: –

Losing focus while driving or capturing can be unfortunate. Maxxis tyres’ 2019 campaign for world photography day says us to be focused on our goal whether we are driving or looking through the lens.

  1. Doctors w/o Borders: –

The international non-governmental medical organization Doctors w/o Borders celebrated their 2019 world photography day along with world humanitarian day. As a campaign, they started one-week-long photographer #takeover series on Instagram and Twitter. All the photographs promoted different humane issues or incidents like mental or socio-economical issues.

  1. WAY: –

The UK charity WAY or Widowed And Young shared a beautiful picture on world photography day 2019. Shared by a WAY member the photo is showing her son looking up at the sky holding a spade. Amazing frames like this for the photography day special campaign are undoubtedly beautiful.

  1. Sony: –

The memorable moments that we capture every day become so beautiful and detailed only because of the different tools of the camera and related to it. But we hardly acknowledge those tools. That is why Sony India gave a shoutout to those inevitable camera tools in their 2019 world photography day campaign on Twitter.

  1. Swiss International Airlines: –

Travel photos are always the best among all of our captures. Swiss International Airline came up with a travel photography contest #BestTravelPic for their 2018 campaign of world photography day.

  1. Xiaomi: –

In the 2018 campaign for a world photography day, Xiaomi India also launched a travel photography contest. Some of the best photos got featured on their official Instagram account.

  1. Flipkart: –

Often, we order various things online to celebrate different occasions. The perfect time delivery always makes us happy. That is why Flipkart encouraged their customers to capture those ‘picture perfect deliveries’ and share with them as a world photography day celebration in 2018.

  1. Reliance Money: –

Reliance Money’s 2018 world photography day campaign was quite interesting. There was a caption challenge within a word limit and the image was posted by their official Twitter handle. 

Did you find these campaigns exciting and innovative? Do you also want to launch a creative campaign for your brand? Contact for such amazing ideas.

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