Top Raksha Bandhan Campaigns by Brands

Top Raksha Bandhan Campaigns by Brands
  1. Amul – Maska Bandhan-2020
  1. The Man Company – 2020
  2. Cadbury Celebrations #CloserThisRakhi – 2020
  3.  Tanishq Jewellery #CelebrateEverySister this Raksha Bandhan – 2020
  4. Mankind Pharma: Rakshabandhan | #RealHeroes – 2020
  5. Amazon India #DeliverTheLove this Rakshabandhan – 2019
  6. ICICI Lombard Raksha Bandhan | Promise of Protection – 2019
  7. Celebrate Sisterhood with Shoppers Stop – 2019
  8. #HeadWaaliRakhi | Raksha Bandhan 2019 | Exide Life Insurance – 2019
  9. Happy Raksha Bandhan Video From Bajaj Allianz Life | #ProtectSeZyadaSupport – 2019
  10. Chevrolet Cars India – Sang Rishte Chale TV Advertisement (brother and sister on Rakhi) -2011
  11. “Dear Sis…” | #ChalUdteHain | Raksha Bandhan Special | Blush – 2016
  12. Brand factory – 2018
  13. Parle – G – 2018
  14. Monginis India – 2018
  15. Waiwai_noodles -2018
  16. Ford– 2018
  17. Starbucks India– 2018 
  18. Mahindra Truck And Bus -2018
  19. Mercedesbenzind – 2018


Highly creative ads have linguistic, visual, or audible aspects that are aesthetically attractive. These ads are frequently regarded as a piece of art instead of a clear commercial spot. Showing their creativity through a special occasion-based post is quite normal nowadays. As in that case, the emotion triggers more than just the brand or product. We can undoubtedly expect fantastic ads on the event in this forthcoming Raksha Bandhan. Here are a few that sets our expectation upwards & that much high – 

  1.  Amul – Maska Bandhan (2020)  –

Dairy brand “Amul” is quite famous for its creative photo ads featuring the Amul Mascot – a little girl. In the post “Maska Bandhan” they made Raksha Bandhan more relatable by tiring it with “Masks” as we know the previous year’s pandemic situation. This is another time Amul proves they never fail to showcase their creativity through the most recent issues.  

  1. The Man Company (2020) –

Men’s grooming brand “The Man Company” has made an ad.  It encourages people to look at the ritual of rakhi in a new light. Their #RakhiForSister campaign aims to recognize the protective duties that adoring sisters inevitably take for their brothers. It is also an effort to express that it is OK to rethink certain customs in order to bring them into line with the present realities of gender equality. 

  1. Cadbury Celebrations #CloserThisRakhi (2020) –

The famous chocolate brand Cadbury chose to showcase the playful bond of brother and sister along with the concept of virtual bonding. With their constant tagline-  ‘Kuch Accha Ho Jaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye’ they made this auspicious event more happening and joyful.

  1.  Tanishq Jewellery #CelebrateEverySister this Raksha Bandhan(2020) –

In India nurses are often called “sisters”. Tanishq used this and made their Raksha Bandhan ad video where a special tribute has been paid to all the sisters being the frontline warrior and fighting the covid. The concept of Raksha Bandhan is not anymore limited to the brother and sister with only whom we have the blood relation. This Rakhi, Tanishq invited us to celebrate the care and selfless protection nurses are providing us. The video ad got more than 2 million views, more than 600 likes and that proves how much people like the concept.

  1. Mankind Pharma: Rakshabandhan | #RealHeroes (2020)- 

Mankind Pharma’s Raksha Bandhan special video embraces both the Brother-Sister bond and the Nurse-Patient bond referring to the pandemic situation. The contribution of sisters in taking care of us in this difficult situation without even thinking about themselves reminds us of our own sisters. The emotional angle of this ad makes it unique from other ads.

  1. Amazon India #DeliverTheLove this Raksha Bandhan (2019) –

Amazon, the e-commerce powerhouse, released a beautiful ad film for Raksha Bandhan that piqued the audience’s interest at first before melting their hearts. Siblings grow up pulling each other’s legs, and it is still difficult for them to separate when they need to. The background music provides extra importance to the narrative, in addition to the heartfelt tale. With an excellent touch of passion, the advertisement leverages the slogan #DeliverTheLove to connect the festival with its brand.

  1. ICICI Lombard Raksha Bandhan | Promise of Protection(2019) – 

ICICI Lombard narrated a tale of a brother who was constantly protected by his sister. The story has an underlying message that protection can come from the sisters even. In the end, we get to know that his sister is none other than the world champion boxer Mary Kom. Along with the emotional touch, it represents the women’s power too. And that makes the ad special.

  1. Celebrate Sisterhood with Shoppers Stop – 2019

Shoppers Stop elevated Raksha Bandhan to a new level by devoting it to the Sisters who assist us in our daily lives. The “Celebrate Sisterhood” ad honors the domestic helpers on whom we rely. They protect us as a brother protects his sister. The commercial concludes with a suggestion to donate gently worn clothes to someone else.

  1. #HeadWaaliRakhi | Raksha Bandhan 2019 | Exide Life Insurance(2019)- 

Exide Life Insurance ties its brand to Raksha Bandhan through the ad campaign called “HeadWaliRakhi”. Siblings are constantly protective of and look out for each other, no matter how much they love bothering one other. Exide Life Insurance has successfully caught this emotion while also conveying its safety message, i.e., the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a two-wheeler.

  1. Happy Raksha Bandhan Video From Bajaj Allianz Life | #ProtectSeZyadaSupport(2019) – 

Not only “Raksha(Protect)”, Bajaj Allianz shared the video of “Raksha Bandhan” saying that a brother always “supports” his sister. A little support can help to make a girl more independent and make her dreams true. Bajaj Allianz’s unique perspective elevated Raksha Bandhan to a new level.

  1.  Chevrolet Cars India – Sang Rishte Chale TV Advertisement (brother and sister on Rakhi)(2011) –

Chevrolet showcases the emotion of Rakhi through the video ad. In this ad, the thought process is – life is always moving and we need to take our emotions, values, and relationships with us. This ties the rakhi and the car brand together.

  1. “Dear Sis…” | #ChalUdteHain | Raksha Bandhan Special | Blush (2016)-

Blush’s video, which features internet sensation Mithila Palkar, depicts the bond between a brother and a sister. The film is a montage of memories of the life lessons a sister learns from her brother, with the hashtag ChalUdteHain. All these lesions make her confident enough to make her brother proud. 

  1. Brand factory – (2018)-

Brand Factory, the fashion chain by Future group attempted to showcase the support a brother gives to her sister to achieve the dreams. The video presents it in a way that no matter how crazy or how hard the demands of a sister can be, a brother always tries to fulfill those. And brand factory offers every fit for the demands. 

  1. Parle – G – (2018)-

Parle-G believes in the fact that every brother-sister fight is the representation of the strong bond and love they have for each other. The video starts with the fight of a brother and sister and ends with the love and care they have for each other.  

  1. Monginis India – (2018)-

Monginis presents the ad video to emphasize the fact that, it’s not always that brother we only have blood relation with, who protects us. There are multiple brothers we can think of who work hard to protect every sister out there. Raksha Bandhan itself represents the “Protection” of a brother toward a sister, which does not mean we need to have a blood relation.  

  1. Waiwai noodles -(2018)-

Wai Wai India’s post revolves around the idea that a sister can be the protector, and here she not only protects her own brother, but also a lot of people. This video pays a tribute to all the female warriors who protect us by risking their lives.  

  1. Ford– (2018)-

Ford’s post of Raksha Bandhan portrays protection as the most important thing. They’ve compared it with the protection of a seatbelt in a car and also the slogan is “A promise to keep you safe”. The metaphor plays perfectly here and shows the creativity of the brand.

  1. Starbucks India– (2018)- 

Starbucks India posted a photo of two cups with love-signed cuts on Raksha Bandhan. The caption made this post more interesting by saying “The greatest gift you could give your sibling this Raksha Bandhan is YOUR TIME”. Brands are harnessing emotions to shape their strategy, and the more relevant their creativity is, the more likely it is to touch people’s hearts.

  1. Mahindra Truck And Bus -(2018)-

Here the video shows the purity of a brother-sister relationship. The way both takes care of each other resembles the way this brand takes care of their customers. This is what they portrayed in that video.

  1. Mercedesbenzind – (2018)-

Mercedes Benz India used their logo like a metaphor for rakhi and posted with a caption – A Bond Like No Other. This depicts the bond of brother-sister and also the bond that the brand has with their customers. 
These brands prepared some innovative Raksha Bandhan postings to shake up the usual genres of postings. This year, we are aiming for even more ingenuity. If you have any brilliant ideas for this Raksha Bandhan, please share them with or Visit Mindstorm.

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