Key Tips to Create Instagram Reels That Will Wow Your Audience

Key Tips to Create Instagram Reels That Will Wow Your Audience

At 287 million views on a reel, Khaby Lame is probably the most-watched content creator on Instagram. Launched in 2020, Instagram brought 15 and 30-second video reels to its platform, opening up a new video world for content creators and brands. Using Instagram reels for business is not too difficult either. Several brands tested the Reel feature early on and began creating their reel content almost immediately, driving engagement. Reels receive more engagement than regular video content at about 22%. Moreover, 70% of marketers want to spend more on video ads. Brands have to up their reels game on Instagram and create interesting content to drive engagement and entertainment value. Find out how your brand content is performing on Instagram using the ultimate guide for using Instagram analytics.

Content Ideas: Instagram reels for business 

As part of social media marketing services in Mumbai, our social media marketing experts constantly create new and engaging content for brands and businesses. There are a few quick ways that tell you how to use Instagram reels for marketing. Read a guide to using Instagram reels in your marketing plan. Want to get started using Instagram reels for business right away? Here are a few content ideas on Instagram reels your business can use.

1. Announce a product collection or new arrivals

It’s fresh, new, and in-store? Then, Reel it! Your fans and followers are waiting for new collections, so give them a product showcase with an Instagram reel instead of a video.

2. Tutorials

Instagram reels are all about infotainment and edutainment. Creating quick how-to video reels or D-I-Y tutorial reels can drive engagement with your brand and product

3. Demos

Not everyone buys a product off the shelf. Video reels demonstrating product usage or how your brand fits into the consumer’s life are a good way to encourage a sale. 

How to Generate Sales through Instagram Ads?

4. Q & A’s

The easiest way to introduce your brand, product usage, or just general burning questions is by doing a Q & A with your audience. How many colors come in a pack? How much does this cost? What are the features? Can it be used every day? Anything your customers are asking you offline, you can use it to make an Instagram reel to inform audiences online.

5. Showcase your business literally

Audiences want to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Who runs the brand? Who are the people, what are the ingredients, and how does it work? Showcasing this part of your business helps generate brand curiosity and trust among your audiences.

Anyone can use Instagram reels for business. Any business from homemade cooking and ceramics to retail chains and technology companies can make Instagram reels. Use the Instagram reels tools efficiently, focus on the message, and create interesting video reels.

Key Tips to Create Instagram Reels for business 

While anyone can create Instagram reels for business, using a few hacks while you’re at it never hurts. Being a digital advertising agency in India, we constantly see trends and ideas that brands could follow. Some ideas are technical, while some are just cooler trends, filters you could use that will wow your audience.  

1. Nothing beats original content

As simple and obvious as this may sound, creating new video content ideas regularly isn’t an easy task. Mindstorm social media marketing experts and content creators can help create reels for your business. Map out five business competitors, leaders in your industry, and content creators making reels in your niche. This should give you an accurate indication of what content is doing well among audiences. You can use their video reels as inspiration and add your twist and ideas. Consider using content ideas from your customer stories too.

2. Customer Insight and Reviews

The audience loves knowing others use your business, product, or service. Customer testimonials, experiences, and reviews establish trust and validation. It pushes that one customer to buy when they’ve been considering it for a while. Imagine someone looking to get a new hair job done, and that customer views your Instagram video reel of the latest balayage hair color on a customer. Chances are they will be at your hair salon before you can even believe it. Audiences are looking for entertainment value and watching other consumers enjoying your products encourages them to avail themselves the same.

3. Captions in the Video

Did you know 85% of social media videos are watched on default silent mode? With audio doesn’t play not playing on all videos adding captions to your video becomes important to convey the message. All those demo videos, product showcases, people-driven content will need captions. Simply add text on video and space it out as per the video durations. Place the captions on your video in a way that it does not obstruct the video, while also being prominent enough to read. Until Instagram reels launch automated captions, close captions on your videos ensure audience interaction

4. #Trendingnow

Those multiple videos with the same soundtrack, same game or actions aren’t just popping up on your feed. These are trends that anyone and everyone on Instagram is creating. Businesses of course can’t go replicating all the trends. But hopping on the trending soundtrack or trending filters on your Instagram reels can bring your branded reels to the explore section. Just click the soundtrack on the reel to see how popular it’s getting and use it on your brand reels. Content creators can easily check which filter or effect is trending by clicking on – Use this effect at the bottom of the reel.

5. Keep it simple – Captions of course!

Unlike a video post on Instagram, reels are all about the video so you need smart captions rather than long captions. More importantly, reels only showcase the first sentence of your caption, so keeping the first line crisp and catchy makes sure people hit that heart button. It encourages a person to click on ‘Read More’ to engage with the context of the video. You can redirect your audience from reels to your website or choose to share a quick call-to-action for the audience to respond. Don’t miss out on using the relevant hashtags. To learn more about a hashtag strategy, read how to use the right hashtags to grow engagement.  

Instagram is pushing reels actively and brands creating videos using the tool are sure to feature across the platform. Creating reels will help your business reach out to a larger audience and help build your following further. Talk to our content marketers and digital marketing experts on creating an Instagram reel strategy for your business.

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