6 Quick Ways Social Media Can Improve Your SEO Results

6 Quick Ways Social Media Can Improve Your SEO Results

Do you think that social media doesn’t directly affect website SEO? Think again! If your brand or business wants to increase SEO efforts, social media is an excellent tool to help give your brand the push it needs. Social media for SEO is a tried and tested digital marketing tool that drives traffic to the website and helps improve SEO rankings.

But how do you increase SEO through social media?

First, let us break down how social media works for SEO. A good strategy for SEO is to ensure that the website keeps producing content pieces that are relevant and consistent. READ: 10 Juicy SEO Tips for Small Businesses Thousands of content pieces are published daily in every industry. How do you discern your brand in this competition? Especially when each content piece is vying for attention and aiming for Google rankings.

This is when the added push of social media comes into play. As an SEO Company in Mumbai, we insist that our clients look at SEO holistically for their business. Social media becomes an essential part of this digital marketing tool kit. While there isn’t a direct correlation, sharing links across social networks takes your brand to newer audiences. It’s an even bigger bonus if your followers and audiences share these links rapidly and the content moves across platforms.

Now, search engines get signals of these content pieces on different platforms. Thus, giving your SEO strategy an indirect push. Ever thought of it like that before? Then let’s look at a few ways social media can improve SEO for your business.

Six ways to improve SEO with social media

1. Invest in creating high-quality content

SEO, social media, or digital marketing per se thrives on good quality content. It’s not as simple as the how-to, product benefits, or ‘Five reasons to buy your product’, content pieces alone. Good SEO that drives traffic and engages people on the website requires a comprehensive content strategy.

As one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Mumbai, we craft strategies that tie social media, email marketing, website, and SEO. This means creating strategic content that is shareable on social media and email; while also driving interesting conversations that push audiences to visit the website.

Google often looks at content quality and relevance to the user and the user’s intent. Does the website blog hold valuable content to share on social media? Does the blog, article, or listicle on the website offer new information, and educate consumers? More importantly, does it speak to the needs and intent of the target audience? Such content then becomes easily shareable on social media which in turn drives traffic to the website.

2. Viral Content

Every business and brand talks about going viral, whether it is through videos, blogs, or a tik-tok. A closer look at this viral trend explains why it does wonders for SEO. A blog, article, or social media post with valuable content gets shared by several users across social media. A link to an article within the post and with essential keywords means that the article is now viral with more users reading it. A social media post that generates more engagement also piques the audience’s interest to check out the brand and business online.

Or imagine a social media post shared or retweeted by a celebrity or influencer online. This can make your content go viral, thus resulting in better SEO for the website.

3. Improve backlinks with social media

Often businesses will write interesting content on their website and hope search engines consider its quality and display it to the right audiences in search results. Let’s boost the article by sharing the link across social media networks. Actively sharing links on social media posts improves the chances of clicks, traffic on the website, and popularity via shares on social media platforms.

While Google shares that it doesn’t account for social media links, try asking Google for a ‘how to’. For e.g. How to assemble Lego. The first few results will immediately bring you Lego-related YouTube links.

Let’s try another search – ‘office designs interiors’ . Pinterest offers incredible ideas and directs users to find more on the social network instead of a website. Wouldn’t you too click on 900+ ideas, instead of simply reading?

One way to improve SEO with social media is to use good captions on social media posts. While it’s great to be quirky and wise if the brand identity calls for it, the correct caption attracts the right users. It is also great for SEO to include what the post is about. Instagram alt text is another tool introduced by the social network to be more inclusive. This helps reach your social post to more users and boosts SEO.

4. Social media profile optimization drives SEO

When clients ask our teams where to begin with social media, we first advise them to take a closer look at the social media handles. From the user names, and brand names on each social media platform to filling each section like website, about, reviews, and more.

Social media profiles are digital identities for businesses, like building blocks for brands. Read The Importance Of SEO For Brand Building.  The right keywords in the profile and handles are essential to gaining momentum on SEO too. Often, brands forget to add the nature of business with their handles.

Customers arrive at your business digitally through various sources. A social media profile optimized with accurate details ensures the business’s credibility on a digital platform. Reviews across social media platforms also add to SEO efforts. Today customers first search for the brand on Google and look for social media handles to know if the brand is genuine.

5. Social Conversations drive ORM and SEO 

Social conversations are the backbone of engagement and online reputation. The more users interact with your brand online, the more it helps build authenticity digitally. Social media post conversations are opinions, enquiries, business questions, or even complaints.

Each of these presents the business with an opportunity to acquire a new customer. Simply redirect them to your website to know more, offer a solution addressed on the website blog, or have an engaging discussion on the products and services. Ask social media followers what they’d like to know more about or get reviews about shopping on the website. All these techniques help understand the customer and target audience better. Thus, enabling a business to offer better content and engage prospective customers better.

6. Social media is the new search engine 

Are you looking for a new refrigerator or property or a party decorator? Social media platforms have pretty much everything you’re looking for! Did you know YouTube is the second most popular search engine next to Google? Or that Pinterest has a high purchase intent with 55% of users on the platform looking to purchase products?

Yes! Social media ties integrally into digital marketing strategies, especially in SEO. Optimizing social media captions, content and profiles becomes crucial so that customers can find your business in the clutter of various social networks.

We’re hoping this outline of a few ways on how social media can improve SEO gives your business the push it needs to focus more on both SEO and social media marketing. Our SEO company in Mumbai has teams work that with brands to strengthen their SEO game and drive more value across their digital presence. Want to know how you can build a strong digital business with SEO, SEM, and social media marketing? Give us a shout at aniketh@mindstorm.in.

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