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We’re back at that time of the year again. We watch the ball drop and countdown to a new year. It makes perfect sense for brands and businesses to share the festivities on social media. While many do it with new year social media posts, some choose to go big with new year contests, videos, and giveaways. There is no one formula on how to celebrate a new year on social media. As a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we insist all our clients drive some thought into creating social media new year posts. Why? Because it is a great way to interact, engage, and take the brand’s followers and audiences into a new year. And who doesn’t love a good start to the year? Here’s looking at New Year social media posts by brands that our teams love.

New Year Social Media Posts by Brands

1. American Tourister

The brand true to its identity keeps their social media new year post vibrant and lively with colours. A quick gif displays products subtly.

2. Bombay Sapphire

Gin has become wildly popular globally and Bombay Sapphire makes sure it reaches its global audience. The new year social media post acts as a reminder and wishes at the same time.

3. Barclay’s Bank

Doing a run up to the new year with social media posts can create a decent buzz on the brand page. Not every social media new year post needs to be cheerful, some can drive you to think and make new resolutions too, like Barclays Bank social media post.

4. Crompton

Contests are a really fun way to end the year and usher in the new. The excitement of receiving gifts – in this case Rs. 1500 vouchers- in the new year is something customers love.

5. Durex

Durex plays its cards well with this quirky yet smart new year social media post. There’s no direct Happy New Year post, so to speak but the messaging does its job well.

6. Dunzo

Close on the heels of 2020, this new year social media post from Dunzo tugs the right notes of the heart. It’s simple, cute and resonates with the global sentiment.

Come 2022, the brand goes with the new year vibe of music, fun and festivities.

7. Mother Dairy

This is an intelligent way to remind the audiences about the product and make a quirky social media wish for the new year.

Everyone knows the next day feelings of a crazy new year party. Here’s Mother Dairy tapping into that emotion and wishing as well.

8. PlayStation

Gaming fans get a question and a treat! No explicit happy new year wish, just a simple question on what’s going to be on the gaming menu in the new year! It’s a great way to bring the attention to the product.

This here is Playstation’s ode to the 25 years of patronage and an enrapturing social media new year post to wish everyone.

9. RedBull

Less is more and RedBull truly knows it. Subtle messages with an exciting and captivating video, that’s how simple this new year post is. Brands don’t need to go overboard with fancy graphics. As long as videos and pictures align with your business, it’s quite easy to create an engaging social media new year post.

10. Cadbury

Influencers in the campaign pretty much draw consumer attention. This is an excellent combination of influencer marketing with a contest.

11. Garmin SG

New Year contests for sport and tech brands tend to work really well. The sheer aspiration of winning a smartwatch while entering in the new year, entices audiences.

12. HSBC

While designing social media new year posts, brands pay a lot of attention to their brand tone and identity. We’re loving this classy, yet impactful design of the video.

13. Nykaa

New year resolutions are a huge theme and an easy topic to revolve social media new year posts around. This falls nothing short of a clever promotion of the beauty platform and a wish.

14. One Plus

A new year countdown in a social media new year post with your own products keeps the audience hooked. Excellent placement of products and an engaging video to drive the new year wish home.

15. FeviKwik

The brand plays well into the world’s most common new year resolution with its new year post. Smart copy and smart idea!

16. Fevicol

We’ve all pretty much made this mistake, and here is the brand leveraging the ‘old habits die hard’ into a brilliant social media new year post.

17. Ola

Several brands work around social messaging of – Don’t drink and drive – especially during the New year, as it truly is an issue. The same theme suits aptly for an on-demand cab service, acting as a reminder to choose wisely.

18. Tourism Authority Thailand

A destination known for its legendary New year celebrations, the tourism board has definitely captured the message and attention. The social media new year post probably helped more people make travel resolutions in the new year.

19. Uber

The brand has always marketed the experience of their service, and focus specifically on it through all their communication. The social media new year post recaps the year gone by, and captures the emotions of the new year pretty well too.

20. Zerodha

The brand is a brokerage platform, which has always positioned itself as a fast, simple, tech-driven, upmarket product. The social media new year post focuses on colours, design, and keeps the new year wish modest and edgy.

And it’s a wrap on the social media new year posts collection our team curated for your thinking and viewing pleasure. There are multiple ways a brand can engage with festive wishes. Still wondering where to begin? Drop us a hello at; our social media marketing agency in Mumbai is happy to help!

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