6 Ways To Generate Buzz: For Your Social Media Product Launch Strategy

6 Ways To Generate Buzz: For Your Social Media Product Launch Strategy

Before you learn how to create buzz for a new product, it’s always good to do your research so as to have a good reason why you want to do this on social media in the first place. So here are some quick facts that might help:

It’s no secret why the need for  social media marketing is growing at such a quick pace. 

Social media is:

-Scalable and ever-growing.

-Cost-effective compared to traditional media.

-Versatile when it comes to connecting with customers, experimentation and creativity.

Got a game plan?

Here’s a mini social media plan for product launch:

  1. Define your objective.
  2. Create a timeline and stick to it.
  3. Select the social media channels according to your strategy & objective.
  4. Come up with a good creative direction – colour palette, design and messaging.
  5. Give your online campaign an offline spin as well. 
  6. Tie up with popular people – not necessarily celebrities.
  7. Get your content calendar together – including photos, videos, GIFs, etc.

Here are some ideas on how to create a buzz for your social media product launch strategy:

#1 BTS: Who doesn’t love secrets?

Human beings are curious about everything by default . So why not record a few Behind The Scenes videos, edit it and post it to showcase the hard work done by your team for the launch campaign. These videos can serve as a teaser for your launch as well.

#2 The countdown

Have a bunch of posts that serve as reminders for your big launch. But make sure each post has value attached to it and is not done just for the sake of getting your audience’s attention. Throw some updates or some educational content in, while you are at it. This is when your audience will really look out for your launch date.

#3 The influencer style

Not everything is possible alone. If you want to have a successful product launch campaign, you need as many handles as possible to get maximum exposure. Take the help of an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai. They are experts who can help you with narrowing down the perfect influencer niche for your launch. There are a zillion creative ways influencers can help you succeed. 

#4 Engaging contests

Giveaways are an excellent way to attract followers or fans on social media. The perfect social media marketing agency in Mumbai can come up with a special hashtag and a clever contest to match your campaign. You need to come up with a contest that will encourage more people to take your product. Remember, social media ideas have to be people centric. 

#5 Social Media Ads

Find an expert social media company to run ads for your campaign. Again, if you want to run ads for leads you will need to give your audience a certain give-away as an incentive to drop their email address in the first place. A lot can be done with the leads collected through social media ads after the launch too apart from measuring customer engagement metrics. You can create a drip campaign and start talking about your product, offer discounts or create excitement in their minds about your brand.

#6 Piggybacking: 

A lot of  brands take advantage of bigger brands and piggyback on their ideas. Be it Cadbury’s easter campaign or the iPhone Pro 11 launch campaign. The important thing is to retain your brand identity while you try to pull out such a stunt on any social media platform. 

Hope this blog managed to bring some clarity to the chaos you might have been facing today. If you need some expert advice, you can reach out to our team via aniketh@mindstorm.in and we will be more than happy to guide you.

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