Children's Day: Post Ideas For Social Media

Children’s Day: Post Ideas For Social Media

What do you call an audience that wants everything they do not have and that doesn’t care about the price of a product if they really like it? 

The answer is – kids. Yes, children are becoming consumers at younger ages as a variety of influences and experiences are shaping their habits. In fact in some income stratas of society, decision-making changes just by the mere presence of children in the household.

Should you create a Children’s Day social media post for your brand?

Children as an audience can be categorized as: 

  1. Primary buyers
  2. Influencers
  3. Future consumers

Your brand’s audience is likely to be one of them. Hence catering to special days related to kids or the festive days that matter to their parents can be valuable to your brand. It makes a lot of business sense to try and get your store, brand or company into the good books of these audiences.

Here is a list of the top Children’s Day Social Media Creatives to inspire you to start ideating:

1. Society Tea

This post is a good example of how brand values must sync with the celebration.

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2. Mother Dairy & Swiggy India

Who says only kid’s brands can’t do nostalgia?

3. Hockey India

Garnering love for the sport and wishing the audience a Happy Children’s Day – Can your social media marketing agency in Mumbai aim two goals with one puck?

4. Paytm

Did you just try to solve that maze? Guess Paytm did manage to awaken the child in you.

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5. Fevicol

That finger better be strong enough for this Fevicol pen.

6. Durex

A post like this may not be in favor of kids but it definitely appeals to their hardworking parents.:)

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7. Make My Trip

Does your product category need to encourage spontaneity too? Children’s Day might be the best time.


Many mistake the curiosity of a child as annoyance. Thankfully brands are changing that notion today by taking the help of the best digital marketing company in Mumbai they can find.Need more inspiration for your next campaign? We’re excited to hear from you. Write to our team at

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