Crisis Management Case Study

Tourism Authority of Thailand

How Mindstorm minimised the damage to Tourism Authority of Thailand by executing a crisis management strategy.


Tourism Authority of Thailand faced the unusual demise of their Late King. As a result, citizens were requested to wear Black & White outfits & tourist attractions were temporarily closed. This affect Indians who had planned their trip in following weeks and people started cancelling their trips. The press carried news about how Thailand is obligating citizens and tourists to follow the code & tourist attractions being shut indefinitely.


Minimize the damage caused by Indian News Channels


Mindstorm escalated the issue to TAT India authorities immediately and suggested a Response Action. Mindstorm understood that the people who will cancel their tickets are first going to talk to their Travel Agents. We helped TAT India to draft an emergency response e-newsletter after sourcing dates affected to ensure our travel agents were educated enough to confront the oncoming cancellations.

We identified Indians travelers in Thailand’s tourist spots (which were considered closed by news channels) through social media channels and re-shared all posts from Indians in Thailand at the time

We additionally sent out emails to a base of over 3000+ travel agents within the first 24 hours to slow down tourist cancellations followed by an official press release for the Indian website

Mindstorm has been engaged with Tourism Authority of Thailand for over 4+ years – Since 2016 and continue to add value to them by providing integrated digital marketing solutions.

Gallery & Highlights

Screenshots of conversations & responses during the crisis for Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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