Case study TAT Miss You Campaign

Case study – TAT Miss You Campaign
Case Study

Tourism Authority of Thailand -

#MissYOU Campaign


Thailand had always been a popular travel destination among the Indians, be it any time round the year.
However, post the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the shrinkage in travel and tourism, the tourism board intended to bounce back with the number of visitors to Muang Thai, focusing on traffic from India.


To reach the audience regarding the reopening of Thailand for tourism along with the changing guidelines, encouraging them to explore The Land of Smiles and also magnify the engagement on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


We at MINDSTORM along with Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT), came up with the idea of #MissYOU Campaign, bundled in 3 stages-Information, Contest, and Engagement from February to April 2022 on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The initial stage was all about creating awareness of the reopening of Thailand amongst the audience, by posting images every consecutive days from different tourist attraction spots of the country with messages for the followers by the localites.

To make the campaign a success, the second stage was well planned with a #Contest held of 23 days, where the audience were asked to share their best experience in Thailand with a #MissYou tag along with an Image/ video of the same, that received an overwhelming response and reached 8,282,871 people all over the social media platforms.

In order to immerse the audience more into the campaign, the final stage was executed in the most elemental way, where the audience had to comment about their intimate experience in Thailand presented to them, that would bring them back to the country.

Thus, the 2 month’s campaign was a triumph for both MINDSTORM and Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT), with an impression of 8,824,940, regenerating the frequenters to Thailand,fulfilling the purpose of the same.

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