Pasa Thai Social Media Campaign

Pasa Thai – Social Media Campaign
Social Media Case Study

Pasa Thai - Social Media Campaign

The #PaSaThai Campaign was held in the year 2020 in the month of May and June.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand, India wanted to educate its followers and keep them engaged amidst the lockdown 2020.


To enlighten the audience with an exciting campaign that would keep them pinned as well acquainted with the Thai culture.


We advised the #PaSaThai campaign, which would educate and expand the knowledge of the audience about the Thai language keeping them hooked to the Thai culture.

The campaign was carried out in an elementary way for the ease of understanding of the audience, and posts were laid out in brief and simple visuals with audio attached of the accurate pronunciation. The campaign was held for 34 days on Instagram, 25 days on Facebook, and 26 days on Twitter from the month of May to July 2020. The total number of creatives posted for the campaign all over the social media platforms was 84 with a total engagement of 3,458.

The result of the campaign was extremely delightful in regards to the response of the audience accomplishing desirable results making it a success for both the Tourism Authority of Thailand, India, and Mindstorm.

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