GHBY (Liver Health) Case Study

GHBY (Liver Health) – Case Study
Social Media Case Study

GHBY (Liver Health) - Case Study


Good Health By Yourself Nigeria wanted to educate people about Liver Health on World Hepatitis Day.


To keep the audience engaged while spreading awareness about the importance of Liver Health and how it gets affected by our daily habits unconsciously.


We at Mindstorm suggested a campaign idea for Good Health By Yourself of #MyLiverMyShield #MyLiverMyHero, wherein we would create informative content that will enlighten the audience with facts on liver health while keeping them involved with the content simultaneously.

The campaign commenced on 1st July and continued for 45 days. A combination of carousel posts, reels & stories was used to interact with the audience. Features like quizzes and polls were used to build an open-ended conversation and keep them engrossed. Blog articles were also shared on various topics related to Liver Health via stories and posts, which also helped the audience apprehend the multiple aspects that affect our liver health.

During the campaign, we also collaborated with Dr. Kelechi Okoro, an African Doctor and a content creator - who shared her knowledge and experience via social media on lifestyle and liver health helped us reach a mass audience to spread awareness about the topic.

As a result, this campaign was a huge success for Good Health By Yourself as well as Mindstorm. The objective of educating the audience about the vitality of Liver Health was effectively achieved by reaching out to more than 3 lakh people. Overall, the campaign was advantageously booming and remarkably accomplished.

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