Case Study

Eysential Kids: Launch of Eye Gummies on Social Media

How Eysential Kids launched their Gummies on Social Media


Mothers are often ignorant about the impact of digital screens on their child’s eye health. All digital screens & LEDs emit varying wavelengths of blue light! Due to which, a child can have eye strain.


To educate the mother’s of India about why their kids need Gummies for eyes!

The Idea

Mindstorm opted to start with a pre-phase which started with the campaign #MummyGiveAGummy. The campaign tied around how mothers let their child use digital screens to either keep them busy, or at their online lectures. We took an angle where we created an awareness stating most of the mothers do it, but should they #MummyGiveAGummy?

The Pre-Phase was then led to a revealer which launched the product Eysential Kids - Gummies for Eyes. An introductory video mentioning why opt for Eysential Gummies was directly communicated towards Mothers. To build the hype we also brought in interesting facts that were shocking to believe and this led to the audience believing in why they should think of giving their child a Gummy.

Campaign Gallery & Highlights

Live through the campaign creatives and collaterals designed by Mindstorm for the campaign and the response generated.

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