Instagram, a tool to fast-track your brand to your audience

Instagram, a tool to fast-track your brand to your audience

Why should I use Instagram for business? It’s 2022 – and if you’re still wondering whether you should be on the platform – the answer is yes! Your business – however large or small – must feature on Instagram. Instagram does look like a cool place, with casual and daunting undertones where ideas and creativity are concerned. But the good news is that – it is a universal social network with ample opportunities to showcase your business. In 2022, it is a tool to fast-track your business if you know how to leverage it. And if you don’t, you can always count on your trusted digital marketing consultant in Mumbai – Mindstorm. Let’s get into why should you use Instagram for your business. 

Benefits Of Using Instagram For Business

nstagram is an important social network in your marketing toolkit. The platform has the potential to elevate how your customer experiences your business, product, and service. It is a digital marketing channel that is beneficial to B2B companies too because it takes the brand to a larger audience than you expected. 

Businesses Speak Data Language – Instagram Statistics 2022

  1. As per Statista’s April 2022 report, around 31% of global Instagram audiences were aged between 25 and 34 years and 23% above the age group of 35 years. This makes the platform particularly attractive for marketers.
  2. Instagram’s biggest market in terms of users in India, with over 300 million active users
  3. Over 70% of Instagram users are under 35 years old
  4. Instagram is on track to reach 2.5 billion users by 2023.
  5. 90% of people on Instagram follow a business. 2 in 3 people surveyed say Instagram enables interaction with brands.
  6. 80% use Instagram to help decide if they’re going to buy something

Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Business?

The world is on Instagram – Your customer too.

Over 2 billion people use Instagram at least once a month. These are people viewing, sharing images, and interacting with others through the network. This gives your business the potential to reach a vast majority of the population with just one Instagram page. It also opens up your business to a new segment of the audience you never expected before.

Tell your story on Instagram

Instagram is a visual versatile platform that offers businesses several tools to tell their story and sell their story too. Brands are born on Instagram today. Read some inspiration on Instagram. An audio-visual platform, Instagram gives brands a chance to communicate with audiences more engagingly. You don’t need a salesperson to physically explain the product USP or share your manufacturing capabilities verbally. Videos, reels, and more help businesses build aspirations, create positioning and virtually sell to customers before they can even reach out. 

Gain insights into your customers and sell to your customers 

Instagram is all about the people. They follow other people who are their peers, friends, and family. They follow brands, and experiences and look for things that entertain or educate them. 

The social channel offers businesses opportunities to connect with customers on an emotional level with their product offerings. Thus, businesses focus more on the customer and work on delivering better customer experiences. Customers are king and Instagram will help your business make them feel like it. 

Imagine speaking to your potential client every day! With Instagram, you touch your customers’ lives every day with Instagram stories, reels, pictures, and messages. Connect with them on their main problems and offer real solutions. Get involved with the customer on a deeper meaningful level with Instagram. Businesses can ask for opinions and feedback from customers – find out how? Read unexpected ways to collect customer feedback on Instagram. Additionally, the Instagram dashboard gives you detailed insights into your customers. Learn the demographics, personalities, days they are most active, and more through detailed analytics. Often businesses find new market segments that help expand their target groups through these insights. 

Instagram marketing can fast-track business

If you’ve been spending big bucks on traditional marketing media, we suggest routing ¼ of that budget to Instagram marketing. And then see how your brand grows – the numbers should tell you more. Instagram marketing opens up a whole new world of people for businesses.

E.g.: Let’s take a B2B business such as We Work. A business model that sells real estate to small businesses, corporate teams, and other professionals, they avoid hard selling their properties. They, however, understand the business of their customers well and share content around it. Customers love it when brands identify their pain points and offer solutions to them. Instagram ads within the feed and in stories can help brands target and launch new products in new markets. Businesses effectively sell on Instagram and drive traffic to websites giving e-commerce a boost! Check out how businesses use social media to generate leads. Instagram can also take businesses without ad spending to a larger audience. It requires a well-defined Instagram marketing strategy and plan – from content strategy and communication goals to hashtag strategies and story campaigns. Our social media marketing company in Mumbai can help your business grow followers, reach more people, and create fun interactions with customers. 

Monitor Your Competitors

If you check Instagram, your closest competitor is probably on it and so would be your global competitors. Get insights into how they talk about their products, brands, and what content they share. With their discount offers, new campaigns, and online contests; you can monitor everything your competitors do. Based on this, businesses craft their digital marketing strategies, tweak the existing plans and define new Instagram goals. Some companies have set marketing benchmarks in respective industries, Instagram is a great way to learn more about these best practices for your business.

Build A Brand Presence

With the increased usage of social networks, Instagram is now a virtual marketplace. Customers talk to each other in this marketplace. How? They share brand pages, memes, educational  content, and more with each other through DMs and comments. So, if your brand is offline – a retail store, service, or a B2B business- customers will first ask whether your business is available on Instagram. They instantly check your feed, follow you, see who among their friends follow your business, and encourage others to do the same too. A virtual word-of-mouth mechanism! 

A verified account on Instagram makes your business a trustworthy company to deal with. It is important to build a strong Instagram profile for your business and keep optimizing it to stay relevant. Read: 5 easy ways to optimize Instagram profiles for businesses

Shopping has shifted online today and customers shift their loyalties as easily too. They prefer dealing with businesses with a decent number of Instagram followers (usually above 5000) with good interactions and likes on posts. Instagram is where people evaluate how a business treats its customers and check reviews on brands. If customers don’t find you on Instagram, they resort to other competitor brands. 

Building your brand presence on Instagram is not difficult at all

It is, however, strategic and tactical and requires effort, dedicated resources, and much time. Read a quick guide on how to use Instagram for business. If your business is not already on Instagram, we strongly recommend you join the social channel without delay. As digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we help several small and large business build their digital footprint globally. If you need to grow your business on Instagram, our social media marketing team in Mumbai would be happy to help. Connect with us at

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