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Sebamed India's take on ph5.5

Read how Sebamed Baby India educated their audience about ph5.5


Mothers are unaware about what goes in their child’s skin care products. As a result, a child can invite unwanted skin rashes, acne, heat boils and more. The baby care products in the market do not reveal the adverse impact but only fancy out the reasonable price it can be purchased at, neglecting the damage on the skin’s health & nutrition.


To educate the mother’s of India about why pH 5.5 is essential for their babies!

The Idea

Mindstorm chose an engaging yet educational way to communicate with Sebamed, India’s audience. The overall campaign was broken into 3 phases.

Pre - Buzz 1: We quizzed moms about their knowledge on ph5.5 with an interactive grid feed.
Pre - Buzz 2: We focused on the wonders of ph5.5 and educated the audience with the pH 5.5 talk with posts and intriguing videos.

The campaign:
We introduced the contest where mother’s had to answer basic questions about how & who introduced them to move from regular products to products with pH5.5.

We then leveraged Bloggers who mentioned how Sebamed is one of the Top 3 products they would choose for their child. This increased the visibility for the brand as when anyone searched about best baby products, Sebamed would get their attention!

The Results

We reached over 3 Million users, received over 450 participants and engaged with over 7000 parents. We had overwhelming responses on the contest posts. The campaign was backed with Instagram stories and the efforts led to higher reach & engagement!

Campaign Gallery & Highlights

Live through the campaign creatives and collaterals designed by Mindstorm for the campaign and the response generated.

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