Social Media Marketing Case Study

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Measures undertaken by Mindstorm to capture the Millennial audience.


The land of smiles, Thailand among the Millennials is popular for its eats, beaches, luxuries, martial arts and extras! However, the tourism board intends to move past from its popularity to the unexposed projections that a Millennial might possibly tour.


To change travelling patterns of a Millennial visiting Thailand.


The Campaign was packaged as a contest which assured them a Free Trip To Thailand! This invited our follower base to participate and call in higher entries. Social Media Ads were run in order to reach a better audience and engage with our follower base!

Keeping the scenario in mind, we created daily posts and stories that educated participants and the audience about the unexposed projections that a Millennial might possibly tour.

Gallery & Highlights

Screenshots of conversations & responses during the crisis for Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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