Sparkle Up Your Diwali with Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Sparkle Up Your Diwali with Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India allowing brands to participate actively too. Celebrated across the country, Diwali is more social and cultural than religious and enjoyed by every category of the target audience. Gifting, shopping, and festivities are a large part of Diwali. Almost every B2C business gears up with a Diwali marketing plan targeted across customer segments. The pandemic has not slowed down the festive fervour either. 91% of Indian consumers are planning a purchase in 2021, during the upcoming festival season and six in 10 are interested in learning about new brands during festival season sales. Each year Diwali social media campaigns work towards generating a buzz for their brands and throw up some stellar social media campaign ideas. Wondering how to plan your festive social media campaign? Maybe this quick guide by the Mindstorm team can help Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for Festive Season 2021. Today we’re bringing some effective social media marketing campaigns for Diwali that make a strong connection and build brands.

Diwali social media campaigns that brighten up the season! 


Remember the awesome Gpay Diwali social media campaigns? Google had its users’ pay bills, collect stamps, and invite other users through Diwali to encourage the adoption of the app. This is using gamification to another level!

For a limited period, Google Pay launched a Diwali game, where users received a Diwali-centric stamp among five different Diwali stamps. Collect all and you win ₹251. GPay users were recharging, paying bills, transferring small amounts of money among friends only to earn each stamp. This also gave rise to some of the coolest memes throughout the campaign.

Well Diwali weekend for GooglePay saw #GooglePayRangoli trending across social media platforms with #NeedARangoli #rangolistamp and #googlepaydiwali


What should be your messaging during Diwali social media campaigns? Depending on the brand you are and the brand values, it can range from fun to quirky and emotional too! Samsonite chose the emotional route for their Diwali 2019 campaign. Watch below.

The campaign celebrates people who must choose work over festivities with family in the travel industry. It focuses on ‘who brings you back home?’ which ties beautifully with the brand and its product. #DiwaliKasafar by Samsonite has tugged at heartstrings. The campaign asked people to show their gratitude to those who selflessly work to make sure you’re getting home safely on a festival day.

On Facebook itself, the social media campaign saw 7.3M views, 113K reactions, and 2.7K comments! It even got reshared by actress Twinkle Khanna on her handles.


You know it’s fireworks when two big brands collaborate on Diwali social media campaign ideas. One Plus focuses on encouraging its users to showcase their superior photography skills. So what’s better than collaborating with Snapchat and creating cool AR lenses for the festive season. Especially when you’re celebrating in the times of social distancing! 

Prashant Halbe, Creative Strategy Lead, Snap India, commented on the initiative, saying, “Our focus at Snapchat is to drive meaningful connections through unique, creative experiences. This is our second year working with OnePlus for Diwali, and in this challenging year, we wanted to use Augmented Reality to bring Snapchatters together virtually.”

Technology has enabled two leading brands to create a brilliant Diwali campaign and even promoted the launch of the OnePlus 6. 

Consider collaborating with like-minded brands to make effective social media marketing campaigns for Diwali. 


Talk about marrying the best of both worlds – technology and an emotional connection. Cadbury did just that. But what Cadbury also did was went one step ahead to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in their Diwali social media marketing campaign. Cadbury is a brand known to make amazing ads and campaigns during the festive season and 2020 was no exception. They launched a touching campaign #NotJustACadburyAd that encouraged its fans and customers to patronize their local retail outlets for Diwali shopping. Several small retailers were showcased through the campaign and it tied the message in well.

Come 2021, they took a step ahead with Sharukh Khan as the brand ambassador in the campaign. Using AI technology, they mapped his face and created an app, where any local retailer could simply input their store name and have Shahrukh Khan endorsing their store. The retail outlet can then share this on their social media handles or across other platforms too. Talk about innovation in social media marketing ideas.

Why don’t you give it a try for your business too? Here’s the app:

Bajaj Allianz

Social messages and cause-vertising are quite popular among brands today, especially to celebrate festive days. Bajaj Allianz created a thought-provoking Diwali social media campaign around child labour for firecrackers. 

The ad is shot in a way of an influencer unboxing hampers. The child shows off the crackers he has made for the festival. It makes one think about the real meaning of Diwali and its commercial implications. Social causes are a great message to highlight during the festive season to increase its share ability across platforms. 


Smart content can truly drive your Diwali social media campaigns. Boosting social media engagement, increasing the fun quotient, creating interest, and driving action to associate with your brand.


Starbucks sure knows how to leverage contests for its customers on social media. And it’s a win-win for everyone. Starbucks launched a creative contest inspired by the fact that several people doodle on the Starbucks cups. #SketchTheBlend contest asked customers to decorate the cup and Diwali Sleeve and share it on social media using #SketchTheBlend. Winners received five delicious beverages from Starbucks. It’s an intelligent festive marketing campaign too because it drives footfalls at the store – customers must visit the store to pick the cup. It also drives social media engagement, because users must share their designs.


Want to try something simpler and keep it at a giveaway? You can try a fun activity like Dizo Tech.

It’s simple and engaging. Just a screenshot is what matters. Within four days of the launch on October 21, the brand has 385 Retweets, 41 Quote Tweets, and 551 Likes!


Diwali social posts wishing are important and so are the offerings for Diwali to make a purchase and connect with the brand. Some brands go one step ahead with content marketing to make a difference among the clutter. Content giant Netflix made sure to light up Diwali on their feed.

Consider this awesome content marketing idea by Netflix to encourage users to watch movies on their platform. With a long holiday for Diwali, most people are on the lookout for movie binge ideas. So, Netflix launched #NetflixMatchMaker. Users had to reply to the above post with the # and an emoji of their choice. Netflix recommended a movie based on those emojis. The tweet alone received 103 Retweets, 16 Quote Tweets and 3,081 Likes.

Want to create cool content marketing ideas like these? Connect with us for the best social media advertising services. In the meantime, do check out – Is Content Produced by your Social Media Marketing Company Effective?


While not every product and service can have offers, whenever a brand can plug it in, we recommend that they should. Diwali in fact is one of the best times to leverage the brand deals and offers.

Vijay Sales ensures sustained social media campaign ideas during all their festive days. It’s not about a single post. It is a holistic activity of lead generation ads, traffic ads, and social media posts that makes effective social media marketing campaigns for Diwali.

It’s always good to start planning your Diwali social media campaign ideas well in advance – at least 2 months before. From managing inventory to campaign ideas and execution, it gives you enough time to plan, prepare and execute intelligent campaigns. Does your brand want to create a firecracker for a Diwali social media marketing campaign? In the meantime, if you wish to get in touch with an honest smm agency in Mumbai, look no further. Email

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