6 Effective Ways To Get Customers To Buy More

6 Effective Ways To Get Customers To Buy More

The purchasing behaviour of customers has evolved with time. Technology and an abundance of options has made them more aware, picky, and also curious. In an evolving situation like this, it’s important for brands to understand how and why their customers would buy more – using both new and old methods. 

Digital Advertising is all about being dynamic 

The classic law of supply and demand holds true today, and probably will for the next hundred years. Where there is more demand, supply needs to meet it. And where these is more supply, the suppliers need to step back and assess how they can trump competition and stand out as a first choice for customers. 

Whatever your brand might be selling, it needs to come with a number of other add-ons in the form of marketing, offers, product features, effective communication, smart media spends, and much more. While there is no tried and tested ‘winning formula’, it still is important for brands to create a formula of their own. 

How do you convince a customer to buy more from you? How do you create that edge that makes you a preferred choice? How do you make your brand a go-to for returning customers to not look elsewhere?

Read on to know more, and figure out how to apply this to your business. 

How to convince a customer to buy (more) from you 

Always put yourself in the shoes when you evaluate your marketing and selling methods. Would you be convinced to buy more from your brand? Returning customers are proof of the fact that your brand is adding value and offering something worthwhile to your customers. And to ensure that even more customers find their way to you, here’s what you can follow and leverage: 

1. Price your products/services fairly 

Gone are the days when customers where unbeknownst to pricing standards. Today, an informed customer is okay with paying what you ask for, but only if the cost-to-benefit ratio justifies it. Customers ae often willing to pay a fair price for a product/service that justifies that cost, and provides enough reason to do so. One of the best way to provide this justification is to talk about the quality of ingredients you’re using, or harping about the exclusive craft that is going into a service. 

Customers buy more when they’re sure that the money they’re shelling out is giving them a benefit that is worth the price tag. The minute a customer feels like they’re being fleeced or are overpaying, it lowers the chances of them buying more and/or becoming returning customers. 

2. Build customer loyalty through programs 

To make your customers choose you over your competitors, you have to increase customer loyalty. Customer loyalty rewards are one of the many ways of doing that.

There are various ways of rewarding your loyal customers and convince customers to buy more from you. It gives customers the feeling of being valued and included in the brand’s process, and provides an incentive that goes beyond just a purchase. It maintains an after-purchase relationship that in turn influences more future purchases.

You can offer them discounts based on points collection or level achievement, give them free gifts, reward them with exclusive access to various things, or make them a part of your exclusive community.

3. Make purchasing an easy process 

Certain buying experiences, especially through e-commerce, can become complex and cumbersome. Too many initial steps, a complex payment gateway, not enough payment options, making returns and refund difficult – all of this could directly effect the number of returning customers. 

Customers don’t hesitate to buy more when they’re comfortable and unfazed with the purchasing process. Here, the user experience of your website or app plays a huge role. The flow from one page to the next needs to be smooth, seamless, and convenient. And the more familiar people get with this process, the more likely they are to purchase more. 

4. Create a solid interpersonal relationship

Having a deep personal relationship with your customers is one of the key factors that drive them to buy more from you. A study suggests that brands that form a deep interpersonal connection with customers are 80% more likely to lead. This means that giving your customers what they desire, that is, an interpersonal connection with your brand will convince them to always buy more from you.

Moreover, they will also spread the word of mouth and more customers will be convinced to buy more from you. Another way to stay in touch is through a responsive customer care, chatbots, quick problem resolutions, and ORM on social media platforms through comments and direct messaging. 

5. Offer deals and combos

This is one of the most widely used tips for the very obvious reason, it works like a charm.

Customers are always looking for amazing deals that are beneficial to them. So, if you give them that, they are naturally to buy more from you. 

So, offer combo deals on your products. You can go add two or more products of your and make it into a combo, or collaborate with another brand and add that combo. In this way, you’re not just giving them more value for money, but also promoting the rest of your product SKUs without being pushy. 

That way you both will be benefited and your customers will definitely be convinced to buy more from you. In fact, combo deals are a sureshot way to peak your customers’ interest in your products/services, as they see value for money. 

6. Take away the risk with a guarantee

When you think of risk reversal, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

It’s likely a money-back guarantee. This is the most common type of risk reversal. And while it’s a good risk reversal, but it’s not THE ultimate risk reversal. People want you to understand what the real risk is for them.

When you offers your customers a guarantee, they see confidence from the brand. They’re rest assured that if they want to return something, exchange it or even as for a complete refund, the company won’t make it hard on them.

Guarantees can come in many forms – time, delivery, price, quality, or any other factor. The idea is to show customers that their convenience and protection of their interests are top priority for the brand. When a customer sees this, they won’t hesitate to purchase more and do so with less worries. 

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