The most missed out Facebook & Instagram Features

The most missed out Facebook & Instagram Features

If you’re into Digital Marketing, own a Digital Marketing Agency or have a private Instagram account. You can easily remove your followers from seeing your content. If you have a public account, your digital followers can still see your content even after removing them. To hide your content from your followers when you have a public account, you will have to block them.

When you remove a follower, they aren’t notified that you’ve removed them. Followers won’t get a notification that they are no longer following you but they can visit your profile and follow you again.   Do you have a stalker friend following you? Do you want to remove them without the risk of offending them with a block?   This social media feature gives private digital account more control over privacy. Be it brands, digital marketing agency, or corporate houses, these features are essential for all to know.  

How to do it on different Digital Marketing platforms?

1. Instagram

Go to your profile & Click on Followers:

Choose your stalker friend:

Tap the icon:

And remove – It’s that simple:

2. Facebook

A MARKETING BRAND’S DIGITAL PAGE CAN DECIDE ON WHOSE FACEBOOK FEED THEY WANT TO APPEAR! Do you have people who keep spamming your posts by commenting on their businesses?Remove them in just a few simple steps:

Log into your Facebook Business page. & Click on the … icon on the top right corner:

Edit the page:

People who like this Page:

Select a person you want to ban:

Click on Ban and it’s done:

These were the few trick and tacks!

Your digital marketing brand can use such handy tricks from time to time.

We understand not everyone has the digital resources & bandwidth to know these things. That’s where a good digital marketing agency can help you!

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