Your Stories Just Got A Tune as INDIA Just Got Instagram Music

Your Stories Just Got A Tune as INDIA Just Got Instagram Music

What is Instagram Music?

A feature launched by Facebook-owned Instagram known as “Instagram Music” is gaining tons of attention from millennials across the nation. Also, why won’t it? It’s a feature which was launched in June 2018 in the West which we have now got after more than a year. We did get it late, but is it worth the wait? Let’s find out!

How it works?

Firstly, can you find this feature on your gram? Uh, no? All you have to do is just update your Instagram and you will have it in your stories along with all the add-ons to your story.

Update to version: (v110.

Here are the top Instagram updates you need to know.

Just open Instagram and head on to put a story. Once your story is ready, just swipe up to the story add-ons where you will find all your stickers. You will find a new icon there called Music.

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Here you will find options for tagging the song of your choice with your story. You can select a segment of the song which you wish to add to your story and add only a particular cropped frame of the song. You already know it by now that when you say “INSTAGRAM”, it has always been something creative. Keeping that in mind, Instagram allows you to change the font, size, and color of the lyrics.

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Once you are ready with your musical masterpiece, tap on “DONE.”
Note: This feature is only available for stories and not for Instagram Posts.

This adds a cool element to your story as everyone can now understand the song if they aren’t familiar with the language. Isn’t it amongst the coolest digital marketing services?
We got to see a lot of people posting stories with Instagram music when it was launched. It gathered attention since it was launched in other countries. Indian users were demanding this feature and thus explains why this digital marketing service of Instagram became so popular overnight.
It offered a good way for brands to promote their digital marketing services in style along with the suitable music playing in the background. Especially Bollywood industry had one more platform to grow and promote their new songs through this platform.
We love it. Don’t you?

What’s in it for Facebook?

The feature is not just limited to Instagram. You can make the most of it on Facebook too. Just create a new post and click on the edit option and the music sticker will appear. Click on the music sticker and follow the same process.

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Facebook this first quarter signed a partnership with T-series, YRF Music, Zee Music, and other miscellaneous music labels. The long-awaited Music feature as promised by Facebook and Instagram is here. We have another reason to get glued to the sultans of social media applications.
To take your Instagram story game up a level here are some tips and suggestions:
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