Top 10 Eid Al-Fitr Campaigns By Brands

Top 10 Eid Al-Fitr Campaigns By Brands

Eid is an occasion also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. It is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan. It is synonymous with family & the joy of togetherness, not to mention the yearly Salman Khan starrer.

Take a look at some of the notable campaigns done by brands.

1. Ghadi Detergent : #SaareMaelDhoDaalo

With #SaareMaelDhoDaalo, Ghadi Detergent showcased a heartwarming episode of  ingrained double standards of patriarchy through it’s video. In this short segment, while the mother is glad that her daughter has a husband who helps her with chores, she reprimands her son for doing the same. It’s a phenomena all too common in today’s society and rightfully targeted by Ghadi Detergent, and what better time than the holy occasion of Eid.

2. Tic Tac India

A quirky yet endearing animation on the beloved tic tac waiting for the moon to rise was enough for us to feature them on our list. Some creatives are best when kept short & sweet, just like Tic Tacs!

3. Almosafer – As far as we go 

This touching Almosafer campaign narrates the tale of a young girl on a quest to visit Santa Claus during Ramadan. That’s a long way to travel indeed! The brand has attempted to forge a cultural connection between demographics that are miles apart through this campaign and it sure had us feeling multitudes of emotions!

4. Autorounders

A picture says a thousand words, rightfully so as one looks at this static creative by Autorounders, an autocare company, exemplifies a subtle yet intelligent stance on wishing its customers Eid Mubarak.

5. Cadbury Celebrations

To exemplify the goodness of cordial relationships between different religions, Cadbury Celebrations attempted to highlight how their products can be the one constant in any situation to bring people together and simply enjoy the sweet goodness of love.

6. EdelweissTokioLife #BeUnlimited

By focusing  on how the lessons imparted by parents in childhood can impact one as they mature into adulthood, #BeUnlimited is a gem of a campaign video that follows the story of a little girl from her young origins as she grows up into a successful woman and excels professionally. A truly captivating narrative complemented by the profound message it entails.

7. Max Fashion

This campaign by Max Fashion revolved around the rhetoric on how Hindu and Muslims can still come together to celebrate Eid as a festival irrespective of any differences. It showcased this important message by showing two families greeting each other on the occasion, dressed in similar attire and breaking bread together on the same table.

8. Bata #LetsWalkTogether

This captivating campaign by Bata showcases the bonds of affection between colleagues who work together. Throughout the video, colleagues try to hide food from the view of a fasting muslim employee during Eid  and towards the end ask if they can join his family for dinner. A profound message indeed!

9. Godrej Properties

This short animation by Godrej Properties showcases the crescent moon slowly transitioning across the city on the festive occasion of Eid ul – Fitr. It’s a clean, simple & neat presentation that falls in line with the messaging of Godrej.

10. Reliance Trends

This video narrative by Reliance Trends is chock full of rich emotions. The brand decided to highlight their Eid story through highlights of a mother-daughter duo, and exemplifying their sacrifice and gratitude on the auspicious occasion. The video showcases that since the mother is unable to buy herself a new outfit, the daughter decides to use  her own savings to buy her mother the dress instead. It’s a heartwarming message that definitely won us over.

There you have it! A top 10 list of some of the most heartwarming campaigns & creatives by brands for Eid ul-Fitr that struck a cord through their simple yet powerful messaging. Did it make you cherish your family or the ones close to your heart? If so, then consider these campaigns a major success! To read more on similar campaigns by brands in 2019, head on over to our blog section.

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