Friendship is one relationship that crosses borders, genders, communities and more. It is only logical that the UN would consider this an important day and celebrates it on July 30 as #InternationalFriendshipDay. Worldwide though, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day and everyone has their own style to celebrate this special relationship. Brands and businesses develop amazing friendship day campaign ideas. From week-long friendship day social media campaigns to social media posts, contests and more. 

Our social media marketing company in Mumbai loves creating fun day social media campaigns around festive days. Celebrating festive days, like friendship day on social media, boosts engagement among audiences, involves your brand in trending social media conversations, and creates an emotional bond with audiences. So, if you’re looking to create engaging content that encourages conversations and evokes emotions true to your brand, our digital marketing agency in India is happy to help! In the meantime, we have curated the top 10 friendship day social media campaign ideas for you to browse. 

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Ten Friendship Day Social Media Campaigns That Are Strategic, Quirky, And Warm

1. Airtel

Airtel launched its #kyunkiharekfriendzaroorihotahai campaign as their brand campaign several years ago. They built on their target audiences’ key insight of how important every friendship is, because they’re the ones that have your back, extend your phone credits, data and more. 

The premise of friendship is already set, so how do you create a friendship day social media campaign without sounding repetitive. Here’s what the brand did. 

  • Group chats are a big hit! They launched a contest asking audiences to share funny chat group names, and asked them to tag those group friends. 
  • They launched a cool Tera Mera Friendship Band Contest asking their followers to tag their friends to win a trip to Spain. 
  • The #AirtelPhoneshipday had another cool interaction opportunity 

2. Cadbury #Madfie

Cadbury’s big friendship day campaign idea was to begin a challenge in a time when challenges didn’t exist – #Madfie. Friends are always doing crazy things together creating memories and Cadbury leveraged this further. 

And who can forget this memorable Cadbury ad campaign for Friendship Day that spoke about unwrapping the many flavours of friendship.

Another socially relevant friendship day campaign idea was this video asking for a purple heart 💜 against #cyberbullying and trolls.

3. Coca Cola

Coca Cola knows how to hit the right notes every single time in each of their campaigns. Over the years their friendship day social media campaigns just keep getting bigger. And it’s not just one platform, they believe in creating an experience with cool activations and social media engagement.

  • Check out the Coca Cola Friendship vending machine – 
  • This year the brand launched its own friendship day NFTs available for users who already have their digital collectibles. The brand already has around 4000 NFTs online! 

4. Disney

Disney celebrated the iconic bond of the sensational six – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto – in their #FriendshipDay campaign with the hashtag – #MickeyFriendsStayTrue

The friendship day social media campaign also had big celebrities such as Yara Shahidi, Gigi Hadid and Chance the Rapper sharing their stories of friendship.

We also couldn’t help but share Disney’s ‘friendocitis’ here-

5. Honda

Some of the greatest bonds between friends are shared on trips together, the bike rides and car stories! Honda takes this friendship bond further with their social media campaign on friendship day with a cool Bingo challenge.

What adds to the fun in this campaign is the nostalgia that comes along with it. A cool social media idea that brings friends together and shares memories. 

6. Hershey India

When its chocolate – everyone wants to share it and Hershey India believes it is #meantobeshared!

The brand organised a simple contest asking followers to share friendship stories by tagging their friends to win a hamper.

The brand also created a good mix of influencers to talk about the contest and their friendship.

7. KFC

Not all festive days offer you this opportunity, but friendship day does. Who doesn’t want to share a Friendship Chicken Bucket! KFC has mastered the art of integrating products into the friendship day campaign idea. 

  • Integrating product and championing diversity with the ‘Friendship Bucket’ of chicken:

8. Fevicol

These are the topical and moment marketing geniuses. The brand is known for its iconic tagline – ‘Fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahi’ – that highlights unbreakable bonds! The brand’s friendship day social media ideas are just one better than the other. Do you have a favourite? Tell us in the comments below:

The campaign gets even more interesting and fun when other brands join the banter

9. Society and Parle G

Some pairs are like a match made in heaven, so its only natural that the two biggest tea-time brands of India collaborate on a friendship day social media campaign.

A tea-drinking nation that loves its Parle-G had to see success on this campaign with 19K interactions!

10. SBI Life Insurance

We love a good twitter conversation! SBI Life insurance did just that in their friendship day campaign. The brand took to messaging all the peers in the industry with friendship day messages. The momentum the campaign gathered with this series of tweets and the conversations are impeccable!

  1. McDowell’s No. 1: –

2020 was indeed a tough year for all of us. Staying at home for a whole year and not meeting our friends made our days even more suffocating. In this situation, India’s famous spirit brand McDowell’s No.1 really did a great job with their 2020 version of friendship ‘yaari’ anthem. However bored and sad we were, only the little video calls, chats from our friends cheered us up to survive the lockdown. The song became quite popular with almost 3 million views and 370 comments.

  1. mCaffein: –

In the movie ‘Margarita with Straw’ we all saw how actress Sayani Gupta and Kalki Koechlin portrayed the chemistry of a homosexual relationship. mCAffein India made a beautiful video where these two girls were playing some fun games and chatting along with different coffee products. Their sweet giggles, leg-pullings portrayed a beautiful and pure bond of friendship which will definitely bring a smile to the viewer’s face. This video was quite popular and received almost 30k views on Instagram.

  1. Snickers India: –

Some movie characters are not only fiction to us, they are emotion. Just like Gabbar Sing and Thakur. Snickers India just recreated the relation between these two enemies and portrayed a beautiful friendship among them.

  1. Dharma Production: –

Throughout the years Dharma Production has gifted us with various movies which have depicted ‘friendship’ in an amazing way. Dharma’s 2020 friendship day campaign was a beautiful compilation of the best friendship moments from these movies. 

  1. Fevicol India: –

Fevicol India’s 2020 friendship day marketing was quite clever. We know that true friends always stay with us through thick and thin. Through this, they have conveyed that not only fevicol sticks through both thick and thin but so do our friends.

  1. Great Learning: –

Great Learning used a nostalgic carousel post to remind us about those friends whose valuable advice had changed our career and shaped our life. The references of Rancho, MC sher and Aisha remind us about those moments when we were lost and our friends lifted us. Learning is not only limited to our textbooks always, we have some people in our life from whom we can learn life-changing advice.

  1. SBI Life Insurance: –

2020 brought some new normals into our life. To protect ourselves from COVID social distancing is one one the main preventions. That’s why in 2020’s friendship day Instagram post SBI Life Insurance reminded us that how much we miss hugging our best friend, in this tough tough situation we must share our bond from a distance.

  1. Amazon: –

Friendship is never restricted by religion. In 2016 Amazon’s friendship day video portrayed a pure friendship between a Christian Father and a Muslim Imam who take care of each other. This 1.20 minutes long video will definitely tell you the true meaning of friendship.

  1. Audible Suno: –

In our daily lives, we get so busy that we can’t call our friends for a small conversation. Even if we get time, we put our headphones on to listen to some podcasts, music or stories. But in their 2020’s friendship day post Audible Suno reminded us to listen to our friend’s call rather than listen to an audiobook in their app. 

  1. Sony Sab: –

In 2020 Sony Sab created a very emotional video on their Instagram page. Every year on friendship day we only wish our friends. But we often forget our fathers are also our close friends. That is why Sony Sab reminds us, from now on, not only friends but also to celebrate our friendship day with our fathers.

  1. Cadbury 5 Star: –

Cadbury 5 Star’s 2018 friendship day post was a funny meme featuring the famous 5 Star boys Suresh and Ramesh. We all have one such friend who gets the maximum number of friendship bands. Comparing whole body plaste with the friendship bands Cadbury reminded us that onee popular friend. 

  1. British Paints: –

Each of our friends is of different characteristics. British paint created a contest in their 2018 friendship day post with different colours for different characters and asked the viewers to tag one friend and a colour and reason. What is friendship day without fun games with friends?

  1. Dunzo It: –

The famous food and groceries delivery app Dunzo celebrated their 2019 friendship day with all other leading food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Uber Eats. What can be better than celebrating together!

  1. Boult Audio: –

Sharing headphones is one of the most common things among best friends, isn’t it? Boult Audio portrayed this emotion in their 2019 friendship day post and reminded us to gift one to our best friends.

  1. Reliance Jio: –

We all have some special songs that remind us of some special memories with our friends. In their 2019 Friendship day video Reliance Jio reminded us of those sweet n sour moments with our friends along with the cult friendship songs. 

  1. Sunfeast Wanderz Milk: –

College life is always the best part of our life. Best of friends, Best of memories- all we get in this period. Sunfeast Wanderz Milk made a beautiful song for their 2019 friendship day celebration which definitely reminds us the old golden days from our college. This video got almost 900k views in Facebook!

  1. ICICI Bank: –

In 2019, ICIC Bank arranged an amazing game in a mall in Mumbai. In the game the participants could have won some exciting gift vouchers but they must had a friend to complete the tasks. Many people won and many failed. But whatever the result was, the game of friendship was definitely fun. This #RewardsSoHigh challenge portrayed the strength of the bond that we share with our friends.

  1. Cadbury Dairy Mik: –

Online bullying have become a major problem these days. But if our friends give us their back we can do everything fearlessly. In their 2019 friendship day campaign, cadbury dairy milk made an amazing video showcasing how a friend can encourage us in being fearless from all kinds of trolling. This video received almost 57 million views and 4000 comments.

  1. Animal Planet India: –

Not only us humans share a close bond with our friends. But the animals also share a strong bond with their friends. Animal planet India reminded us this purity and friendship of the animals through a small video in their 2019 friendship day post. The sweet moments of animal-friendship would definitely bring a smile on your face.

  1. IDBI Federal Life Insurance: –

Did you love this segment on friendship day social media campaign? Then don’t miss the top 30 Christmas campaigns by brands on our page too. We hope that these campaigns give your business and brand a few ideas to build on for special days of the year. If not, our creative minds are always here to help you build an engaging social media brand presence. Drop us an email on to connect.  

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