How to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Generate More Leads

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Generate More Leads

Twitter is considered a mainstream social platform alongside Facebook and Instagram. It’s a place where trends take birth. Twitter is all about putting your opinion out there. If you go through a bunch of Tweets you will notice the freedom that comes with each one. The only restrictions are the character limits. But that doesn’t stop a Tweet from turning into breaking news!

It is interesting to note that 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter. Not just that – 70.4% of Twitter users are male while 29.6% are female. India has approximately 24.5 million active users which makes it the third largest country base for Twitter. (Source) No wonder Twitter makes a lot of business sense too. 

How To Use Advanced Search On Twitter:

Now imagine the number of tweets in the world. If you are an avid user you might have countless tweets to follow. So what do you do if you want to search for a particular brand, say ‘Joe’s Ice-cream truck’ or ‘small business’? You go to the search bar on the home page. Now normally you would find accounts related to the word that you have searched. You will find top tweets (photos and videos) mentioning that keyword. This is a simple search. As a brand you would not be able to learn anything from them. You need to narrow down your search by place or by a specific phrase. Here comes the need for advanced search on Twitter. 

How To Get ‘Advanced Search’ On Twitter:

Incase you didn’t find the Advanced Search button, here is the direct link:

If you are unable to access Advanced Search from your mobile then you can go to:

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search Categories?

The Advanced Search feature is only available on a desktop. The search bar has three dots on the right which you can use for Advanced Search. Filtering down your keyword is what the advanced search on Twitter really does. At first you might be intimidated by the lengthy pop up. It has got multiple spaces to be filled. But this is a good tool especially for marketers who offer Twitter trending services to their clients. Here are some of the creative ways they use Twitter

The first section is pretty simple. You need to fill in the basic words that Twitter can use as keywords. You can exclude the words you don’t want and add a hashtag and a language. 

The second section will be where you need to add the Twitter handles involved in these Tweets you are looking for. 

You can further filter your search by the number of mentions and tweets that need to be there. And also let Twitter know if you are looking for a link or a reply.

Having so many filters just makes life easier on Twitter! Choose as many filters you want and hit the Search button.

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search For Lead Generation?

You can probably get a digital marketing agency in Mumbai to help you with this as some more tools and software would be involved in getting to the bottom of the following searches. 

  1. Searching Twitter by Sentiment:

Sentiment searches can help you understand if a search is positive, negative or neutral. This helps marketers figure out what your potential customers would need. If you don’t have a professional to help out yet, you can search with the help of an emoticon added at the end of your keyword in the search bar. You can find what people are looking for or talking about your brand, answer their questions and thereby make a new lead.

  1. Location Filters:

This is great for local businesses as it lets you target tweets in your area. You can type “near:(city/country)” in the search bar to find more leads. This lets Twitter know which areas you are searching and helps you narrow down your search to that specific place. For example, if someone is looking for a particular cuisine, and if your restaurant has it, you can tell them where to go. It’s that simple.

  1. Mentions:

The way to track mentions on Twitter is to add ‘to:’ or ‘from:’ before a username. For example if you search for “to:MindStorm” you should be able to see every Tweet sent to that user. Now try it with your own Twitter handle. If you type “from:Mindstorm” or your handle, you will be able to see the tweets that the account sent out. You can leverage this advanced feature to track the tweets of your competitors and make them your leads instead.

  1. Save Search:

Did you know you could also save your advanced search? This way you can have access to the whole list of tweets that are of importance to you at any time. This is what digital marketing agencies do as it is difficult to keep a tab on multiple searches.

  1. Filter Irrelevant Results:

With Twitter Advansed Search you can also ‘not search’ – as in make sure that keywords that don’t matter do not pop up. How to use Twitter Advanced Search for this? Simply add the ‘-’ symbol before your keyword in the search bar. So if you don’t want to see the Tweets from a particular brand you can just say “furniture” -Ikea. Neat han!

  1. Hashtags

You can use the hashtag feature in a clever way and create leads. Many brands have successfully run campaigns just to generate leads on Twitter. You can search for hashtags of your campaigns and reply to them creating good interaction as well. You can check out successful campaigns like: #NotAPieceOfMeat #LiveThere #RIPTheDesignations while you are at it.

Get in touch with us at to know how your brand can benefit with Twitter’s Advanced Search. Until then, here’s an interesting blog on how top brands are slaying it with humor on Twitter

Stay inspired!

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