Top 10 Pongal social media posts in 2021

Festive creatives play a very important role when it comes to engaging with customers and showing the best creativity a brand can have. It depends on how the brands can relate themselves to the festival and reach more audiences. We have seen many festive creatives from brands, however very few catch our eye and blow our minds.

Wondering how to make it to the Top 10 creatives’ list? Below are some inspirational Pongal creatives done differently, from brands that marked their places and should be looked up to.

1) Dunzo

The caption cracked us up. You’re vanakkam Dunzo! This brand made the creative look like a movie poster with the intention of reminding customers that they are waiting to deliver whatever they need for the festivities. You can’t miss this post while scrolling through your feed.

2) Nature’s Basket

This grocery brand kept it sweet and simple with its almost unnoticeable twist in what we would call one of the most familiar sentences – Sugar, spice and everything nice. Rice is symbolic of the festival of Pongal and they have leveraged it well in this post.

3) Netflix

Coming up with a good meme using a scene from ‘Friends’, the most popular television show of all time is bound to get your social media a lot of traction. Isn’t this exactly how you feel after a huge and heavy Pongal meal? How relatable!

4) Milton

MIlton replaced the kalash with its lunch box making it the symbol of abundance, wisdom and immortality. Now that’s a smart move.

5) Parle-G

Parle-G used the emboss on its famous biscuits as the harvest itself in the creative. Now this was an opportunity well used! This creative has a good message that means that the quality of the crops determine the quality of the biscuits so pray for a better harvest all the time.

6) Maaza

One of the keys to happiness is making children happy. Their smiles are contagious. Mazza has really shown us what festivities are all about with its Pongal post on Twitter. The video is short and something that we all do in life.


HDFC jumps on the Pongal bandwagon and directly talks about its service and how it can help you celebrate. Letting awareness and wishes go hand and hand… Now that’s a useful post for the brand!

8) Bank Of Baroda

Educating your audience will never go out of style. Especially when the information promotes unity in diversity. It makes your viewers curious to know all the names of this festival. Now that’s an informative post done well…

9) Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh actually did a post that is beautifully refreshing and pleasing to the eyes. They used one of their products in its original form to depict peace and prosperity. This post takes you back to your origins or the farmlands of India where wheat grows.

10) Mumbai Police

This is one police force that will never fail to entertain. Their objective is peace. They want no fights. Not even on social media. So they call it like it. God god post kara… which means post good and sweet things.

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